My Love for Window Seats

When it comes to aeroplanes I think the world can be divided into window lovers and aisle lovers. And no one loves the middle seats. If you wish to confirm this argument skip doing the web check in and see which seats you get on a full flight. All windows and aisles would be gone and all you will get is a middle seat!Β I am a firm window seat lover.

On a few occasions when I forgot to do the web-check in and got a middle or aisle seat, my misery knew no bounds! Middle seat is a bit more miserable than aisle seat for the obvious reasons. You have the freedom to move around if you wish when you get an aisle seat but to me that is a very poor consolation. You ask why? Well the pictures are my answer to you.

The Approach to Goa

No aisle seat can offer me this view. I recently visited Goa and came back today. I was invited by the Goa Tourism Department to attend the Goa’s Coconut and Cashew Festival.Β I managed to get a window seat both the times. The views are the reason of my addiction to the window seat. The only person who manages to dislodge me from it is my daughter Chhavi.

Take off from Goa, Zuari Railway Bridge on the Right

I have been on aisle seats when the person occupying the window seat has been fast asleep through a blazing sunrise! Nothing can be more frustrating for a window lover!Β Thankfully my Goa trip doesn’t fall in that category. I could see the Zuari Bridge from air. The coastline looked so majestic from the air!

Blue Blue Sea

I find the best opportunity to click pictures is when the plane banks on your window side. It is an awesome feeling to see the sea and sky merge in the far distance. And when I think that someone else paid for ticket because I blog, I feel truly blessed.

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36 thoughts on “My Love for Window Seats”

  1. Hail window seat! πŸ˜€

    I am another lover of window seats. I try to get a window seat even if it is a night flight & will reach destination also in dark! I can sleep or watch movie without getting disturbed if I don’t get to see amazing views.

    You are right, probably there is no worse punishment than getting a middle seat.

    • Nisha I too like to have a window seat at night but I do not mind it too much if I don’t get it at night particularly when the landing is at night too. πŸ˜€

  2. Would absolutely be a window seat lover if it weren’t for the fact that I occasionally need to use the facilities and hate to disturb the other two passengers. Great photos, and I really like your header photo!!

    • Peter but when you have the aisle seat, others will disturb you. Do you mind that? So why will others mind your occasional getting up. Thank you for your kind word about the header. My first appearance.

  3. I have always fought hard to get window seats too. Sometimes I try to note what landscape we are passing over and try and visit it sometime. Wish they flight to had an option of seeing accurately what you are flying over at that point of time.

    • Now that sounds truly amazing that you try to locate the place as well! it never occurred to me, other than what announcements the pilots make.

  4. I too have always loved the window seat. Wish the flight to had an option of showing on a map where exactly you are flying over right now.

  5. I love window seats, too πŸ˜€ Nice clicks, as usual, Mridula… πŸ™‚

    Loved your happy happy picture as the header… πŸ˜€

    • Thank you for all your comments and observations Maniparna and a little more for the header picture. It is a first, when I put myself on the header!

  6. Aisle seats are my favorite too ! Be it a bus , a car or a train or a flight πŸ˜‰ Love the view ! The pictures captured are beautiful dear πŸ™‚

  7. Hi, My first time on your site…lovely writing….yes i used to ONLY sit at window seats till i started traveling with my kids! After that I don’t even bother looking out of the window, a nice glass of wine is more relaxing! But to be honest, as a ritual I take my childrens’ hands in mine dring both take off and landing and we all look out of the window as the world rises and settles under us.

    • I know Mehroo, for me too it is only my daughter who can dislodge me from the window seat πŸ˜€ Holding hands sounds so special

  8. Welll, the best part of the post is the title. ” My love for window seats ” and the beautiful pictures . Even I die to get a window seat whenever I travel. No matter the mode is Bus, Train or plane. Infact I have written many blogs while sitting on window seats
    one of them is “” . I hope you will like it.
    I have often mentioned the window seats in my posts. Reason being you completely get a different picture of the world.
    This is one of the common experience that we have , yet so uncommon.


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