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After traveling twice with food bloggers on trips to Jaipur and Goa, I am slowly noticing food. Otherwise more than 10 years of hostel food simply killed all my taste buds. After almost ten years of travel, I am trying to revive it. Goa is known for its seafood but I am a vegetarian. However, I ventured to taste a mouth full of different types of fish on this trip. So, here I go with a food post from Goa!

Fried Vegetables

One of the first places that we stopped at was Ritz Classic PattoΒ for lunch. I was the only vegetarian on the table. I ordered a vegetable xacuti with rice and fried vegetables for starters. The trouble was that the portions were big and I could not finish everything alone! And I still do not like to leave food on the table.

The Goan Thali

This was the Goan Thali at the Ritz Classic Patto. People who ordered it wondered how were they ever going to finish it! I did taste the fish, just a small bite. I can actually take a bite of fish at times, but the trouble with me is that I cannot finish a complete fish dish ever. I do not go near any other meat, And there is no logic behind these decisions. It is just based on what I feel like doing.

The Dessert

This was my dessert at the Ritz Classic Patto. Since I did not click a picture of the name, I have promptly forgotten the it. I surely need to improve my notekeeping for my posts!

Cashew and Peas Pulao

As a vegetarian one of the dishes I enjoyed was the cashew and peas pulao by OCoquerio at Goa Coconut and Cashew Festival 2015.

Fried Mushrooms

Later we dined at OCoquerio Restaurant as well. One of my firm favorites are mushroom in all its guises. I quite liked the fried mushrooms at the place.

Coffee with Canon

I particularly liked the local cafes in Goa. While walking through Fontainhas we stumbled upon the Urban Cafe, a cozy little place where I had my coffee with Canon! If you are in the area do check it out, you will recognize it by its colorful walls quite easily. There lemon cake is also quite good.

Blueberry Cheesecake

I am very partial to cheesecakes, especially the blueberry ones. I had this excellent piece at Destination One Β Escapade by the Calangute Beach. Actually the only food that truly excites me is dessert!

Baileys at Nyex, Anjuna

We visited Club Nyex at Anjuna. It has newly opened and is right by the beach. The Baileys that they served me wa excellent. Actually as I like Amarula a lot I went with Baileys. I was quite happy with my choice of drink.


However, for me the biggest food story from Goa is Kokum. We visited a cashew farm near Bicholim. The farm owner Mr. Joshi gave us Kokum Fruits to carry home. I tasted Sol Kadhi in Goa. So not only Chhavi and I enjoyed the fruits, I decided to make Sol Kahdi out of the fruit skin.

My First Attempt at Making Sol Kadhi

I dried the skins patiently and then searched for a recipe on the net. This glass full of Sol Kahdi was result of my effort. My elder nephew Dilip and I quite enjoyed it.

So this is an attempt to get back to enjoying food after probably ten years of being indifferent to it! I hope I will continue on the path of rediscovering food.

PS. I was invited by Goa Tourism on this trip.

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24 thoughts on “A Food Post from Goa”

  1. “Hey Mridula
    I am a big foodie and always try to research or read food blogs for the local food before I visit a place! Your blog gave me much information about foods prepared in Goa. I love the pictures which are accompanying the blog. They made my mouth water.”

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