Chandravati from Sai Vishram Beach Resort- The Water Baby

Meet Chandravati from Sai Vishram Beach Resort- the water baby, the talk of the town! My first interaction with Chandravati happened at Sai Vishram Beach Resort, Byndoor. She was driving the Jet Ski that took us to the sea on our banana boat ride. After a small bump in the beginning, it was a thrilling ride. It was a riot when she flipped us gently in the shallow end of the sea. I shared the banana boat ride with fellow blogger Prashanth and his family.

I decided to go on the Jet Ski next. She was the driver again. It was such fun to have a female driver with me while we zipped to the sea. Let me correct myself, while she drove the Jet Ski at what felt like jet speed and not we, I was a mere pillion rider, completely at her mercy! She would confidently attach the β€˜kill switch’ to her wrist and zoom through in the water. She is the true water baby, supremely confident, always in control.

The Water Baby- Chandravati!

She must have done at least 5 rides before she had a moment of calm. That is when I tried to talk to her. I was intrigued about her unconventional choice of career, I was curious to discover her story of rebellion, for I was sure it would involve some rebellion. It was then I realized she spoke only the local language, Kannada which unfortunately I do not speak! Her fellow water sports instructors and life guards pointed out her home to me, which was a short walk away from the resort!

With help from Prashanth and the Adarsha, the manager of the resort, I pieced together her story! Prashanth also told me that Chandravati is a local girl who lives a short distance away on the same beach where the resort is. She belongs to a family of fishermen. She could study only till class 10th as she had to work when she lost her father early on in life. Her family consisted of her uncle, aunt, two male cousins and her mother all living together. However, another calamity stuck when her uncle too passed away. Her cousins went to the sea for fishing. She too helped them. Her mother would sell the fish locally. The aunt takes care of the home as she is the oldest.

Chandravati and I

Adarsha told me that he was impressed when he saw her swimming in the sea without any life jacket. I was told by many people that Chandravati is a strong swimmer. Sai Vishram then offered to sponsor her licensing as a water sports instructor if she was willing to complete it and work with them.

And there she was driving the Jet Ski at a speed that scared me completely! When I saw her I could not have imagined that she was simply a girl next door. She is as local as it could be! I told her to pick up another language! The motive was selfish, I wanted to talk to her! Her rebellion, for I am sure it still involved some of it was of such a different type from what I imagined!

I can only guess how many stereotypes she broke when she became a trained instructor! It is such a comfort to have a lady instructor on that ride to the sea, an affinity to another woman! I was told that most of the life guards and other people working at the resort are locals too. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with Sai Visharm Beach Resort for this, particularly for giving Chandravati a chance.

Adarsha said he told her to tell her future husband that she would continue working after marriage but he said only time will tell. He added that the village people were not at all happy by her unconventional career choice. I said, β€œBut then I am sure there is a little girl somewhere in the village who looks up to Chandravati and will step in and demand that she be trained too.” It was truly heartwarming to find Chandravati at the resort, going about her business of driving the Jet Ski, being a life guard and giving a hand in tugging that boat back to the shore, going about business as usual!

In the evenings she can be seen asking guests to have another coffee. Chandravati along with other life guards double as hosts at tea time! I am truly impressed my Sai Vishram Bech Resort for making locals the focus of their recruitment strategy.

PS. I was invited by Sai Vishram Group on this trip.

46 thoughts on “Chandravati from Sai Vishram Beach Resort- The Water Baby”

  1. A true daredevil she is. And a very humble person too. When the guests were few at the beach, she sat with my daughter and niece to build sand castle as well. Hope to see more girls like here who follow their passion.

    • Prashanth thank you so much for sharing the story with me! And it was so good to meet you again!

    • Indeed a role model, I hope more girls from the village come out and do such stuff!

  2. I now want to ride on a banana boat. πŸ™‚ It must have been a lot of fun.

    Chandravati’s story is both sad and impressive. I too believe there must have been some kind of rebellion. And I hope that the water girl keeps doing what she loves to do.

  3. That is the beauty of Travel and Tourism, it creates jobs for local youth who otherwise will need to go to big cities to find work…. Awesome to meet Chandravati…. ( I hope there are no typos this time πŸ™‚ )

    • I guess there are none Prasad. And thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Such stories are always so inspiring…they are real heroes… πŸ™‚

  5. Great story! Kudos to the resort to have given her the impetus to pursue a career that is completely male dominated in India!

  6. wowowow you know i been to so many places where they do water sports but always missing on that banana ride .. next time thats the first i am going ot do πŸ™‚


  7. Wonderful to read Chandravati’s story!

    Yes, we need to create jobs for local population by training them properly. I hope Chandravati and others don’t view this as a rebellion but as a wonderful opportunity. And yes, I hope those young girls who are unsure about themselves will derive courage from a fantastic work Chandravati is doing and stand up for themselves.

    Lovely heartwarming travel story Mridula.

    • Thank you so much Asmita. I agree there should be more jobs in smaller places, close to home!

  8. That’s a good story. And her being local makes it even better!
    Are u still in Karnataka? Got Bangalore plans?

    • It was such an event to meet her. Good to know that you have written about her as well!

  9. Quite inspiring story of Chandrawathi. May all her dreams come true. I wish her all the best in life. Who knows, as you said, she becomes an idol for others.
    We need more women like her in our society.

  10. Perfect messaging, truly inspiring. I would like to address Chandravati as ‘The Passionate Chandravati’, real hero of Sai Vishram Beach Resort. Glad to learn that the resort identified Chandravati’s talent and trained her to get the licence, good policy. I wish Chandravati a happy and fulfilling career. It is high time that the resort/hotel owners in India start adopting sustainable tourism as the development strategy for their properties. The owners should understand that local community based sustainable tourism practices protect the environment, provide both direct benefits and non-economic benefits and thereby contribute to the overall development of the nation. ‘Chandravati from Sai Vishram Beach Resort- The Water Baby’ should be an inspiration for the local community in Byndoor, cheers!

    • Thank you so much for taking taime and sharing your thoughts Vandana!

  11. A Banana raid! The name itself tempts to get on it. Chandravalli a brave person to meet with.

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