Balkatmane- A Heritage Spa

As I got a glimpse of Balkatmane, A Heritage Spa in the Beloor Village of Karnataka, I was sold on it. The setting was quiet, the house so beautiful that I immediately felt at peace! As I removed my slippers outside and walked in barefoot, I wish I had more time to spend at the place. I was spending one night at the place. You can check out the location and the prices on the website.

I was told that the spa has been constructed like a traditional Karnataka home. It had a long corridor going through the center of it. I was greeted with a tilak and a flower by Veena and Vedha, the two massage therapists.

A Room for a Princess!

As soon as I got a glimpse of my room, the first thought was that it must have been meant for a princess! It had a lovely four poster bed and tastefully done. I quickly opened the front door and glanced out of the balcony. Two things caught my attention.

An Easy Chair by a Lovely Window!

And both the things accentuated the princess theme. I loved the easy chair by the beautiful window. This was right outside my room. The pity is that I sat down by it and updated my social media accounts, a very unprincess like thing to do!

The View from the Easy Chair!

The second thing that contributed to the princess theme was the view from the easy chair! From all the balconies the home looks beautiful!

The Spa Room at Balkatmane

I went in for a rejuvenating plus beauty massage. It involved olive oil, honey and oats scrub, mud pack, steam and a herbal bath! It was my second encounter with Ayurveda based massage and I liked what I saw in the mirror! It was also my first experience when there were two massage therapists Veena and Vedha dealing with the treatment simultaneously. I don’t think my body has ever soaked so much olive oil in one day and it liked the results!

A Double Rainbow at Balkatmane Spa!

While I was going through the massage I could hear the rains outside. I was told it was the first one of this season. I looked out of an open door near the dining area and spotted a beautiful rainbow. I ran out with my cell phone and had an amazing time clicking and admiring the rainbow, in that order!

Flowers at Balkatmane Spa

The flowers were drenched in the rain! Everything looked washed and fresh! The property is just six months old so the trees need more time to grow, but many has been planted! There are plans for a pond and a swimming pool too!

A Swing and Flowers!

There is a swing and a lovely flower arrangement which once again complimented my princess theme! I did sit down on the swing for a while and did not update social media!

Nail Polishes on a Platter!

Next on the agenda was a facial. It involved cleansing the face with orange juice and a scrub with orange peels. Then there was a papaya face mask and finally a fruit face mask used. I have been for facials that use cosmetics and I told someone that my face felt so full of chemicals! I actually liked the fruit based facial much more!

Then I admired the plate of nail polish and clicked a photo. So Veena and Vedha offered to put some on my fingers and toes! My princessness quotient was getting higher and higher!

Dinner for One!

Finally there was dinner laid out for me. This is the only Sai Vishram property that serves non-vegetarian food. I am anyway a vegetarian who can eat eggs. They made an effort to feed me dishes of eggs! After a nice meal it was time to crash in my four poster bed feeling completely like a princess!

PS. I was invited by Sai Vishram Group on this trip.

32 thoughts on “Balkatmane- A Heritage Spa”

  1. Looks like a lovely place to relax and rejuvenate! The place definitely doesn’t look like its only six months old ! Nice !

    • Najm it was a beautiful place, only 8 rooms for guests so small and cozy as well!

  2. 2 therapists – that’s the first time I have heard of something like that! It must have been fun. Like how they have stuck to a Karanataka theme, again this is not something I have seen too often.

  3. Wow! It was a treat to go through your experience at this wonderful and exotic heritage spa. Such a beautiful place! I really wish to go there someday 🙂

  4. I writings so lucid, description so vivid, I feel I am almost there.

  5. There are so many kinds of nail polish there . Thank God My wife is not blogging , hahaha! Nice post Mridula ji . A very amazing and interesting place .

    • Let me meet her and I will show her this post and your comment 😛

    • Sweta check out the website, it lists the numbers and the address.

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