Bai Orchid and Butterfly Farm Chiang Mai, Thailand

We made an unscheduled stop at the Bai Orchid and Butterfly Farm Chiang Mai in Thailand and I am glad we did. When I went in there were a lot of orchids in bloom. There were quite a few butterflies in the enclosure too. I would any given day see the butterflies in the wild but it was a large enclosure full of flowers, so I think the butterflies were not at risk. However, I may be wrong in assuming this and I am willing to be educated.

Butterflies like Salt

As soon as we entered the butterfly enclosure we saw this bunch sitting on the ground. I have seen this once before and people who are in the know told me it is because of the salt content. Apparently butterflies like salt.

Hanging on to the Net

The top enclosure was made of net and butterflies were hanging for it. This beauty made only a brief appearance on the net and then hid itself effectively in the flowers and bushes.

A Bunch of Butterflies

By now you might want to ask me, where are the orchids. Well they are there but I am going to do another post on them as I have way too many butterflies to show!

A Bronze Beauty

How I wish I knew the names of the butterflies but I do not know even a single name. What a pity! I guess it is about time I tried to change it, after all I can identify about a hundred birds, so why not butterflies too!

Green and Black

When I was at the Bai Orchid and Butterfly Farm, it was not too crowded. The tourist who were there in the enclosure were super quiet and mindful of not scaring the butterflies.

Lantana and a Butterfly

While we were admiring the butterflies a friend from our group was visiting a place where they had King Cobras! He asked if I would like to join, but the chicken that I am, I shuddered at the mere idea!

A Black Beauty

I have to admit it was much more easy to click pictures in the enclosure than it has been to click out in the open. For one there were a lot of butterflies and they seemed to be used to human presence.

Bug Me Not!

You could use any lens to shoot them, even your cell phone, as they were quite close at hand. They were quite fond of lantana flowers.

A Blue and Brown Butterfly

This butterfly at the first glance would look of a dull brown color, till it flapped its delicate wings and gave you a flash of blue!

A Blue Butterfly

And then there was this one, of pale blue shade, happily going about its business. The Bai Orchid and Butterfly Farm Chiang Mai is a small place but it is well kept. There is an entrance fee at the gate.

In the next part I will show you the orchids from the place!

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