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I have been lucky to visit Kashmir three times and I find it incredibly beautiful. As the season moves to summer vacation time you might be looking for a trip to Kashmir. I have out forth a list to things to do in Kashmir. I hope you will enjoy it. And I sincerely hope that another flood doesn’t materialize in Karshmir.


  1. Stay in a House Boat
A House Boat at Dal Lake, Srinagar

It is an amazing experience to stay in a house boat in Srinagar. There are many house boats both at Dal Lake and Nagin Lake across various budget ranges. For me the most beautiful aspect of staying a house boat was to wake up in the middle of the lake and see it come alive in the morning with shikaras selling breakfast, flowers and souvenirs.

  1. Take a Walk around Dal Lake
An Evening by the Dal Lake, Srinagar

Walking around Dal Lake in the evening is a thing of beauty. The setting sun makes the surface of the lake glow. I would stop at the road side tea shop and have chai as well when I was tired of walking.

  1. Go to the Floating Vegetable Market on Dal Lake
The Floating Vegetable Market, Dal Lake, Srinagar

There is a local floating vegetable market on Dal Lake which sells wholesale vegetables. It has become a tourist attraction too. One has to wake up early to go there as the market disperses by 7.30 am or so.

  1. Go Paragliding
Paragliding at Srinagar

Paragliding is available at Srinagar from Astanmarg area. I could not do it personally as our bookings didn’t work out but I did see the site and it was a beauty.

  1. Visit Pari Mahal
View of Srinagar from Pari Mahal

Pari Mahal is a garden in Srinagar. The garden itself is beautiful but the view of the city from the garden is breathtakingly beautiful.


  1. Take the Gondola Ride
The Gondola Ride, Gulmarg

The gondola ride at Gulmarg is very popular and rightly so. The ride is dependent on weather. On some days it is not possible to go the level two due to the weather, on some days the ride may just not happen at all. But if possible do try going to both the levels. In the skiing season it is fun to skiers zipping around on the slopes.

  1. Visit the St. Mary’s Church
The St. Mary’s Church, Gulmarg

St. Mary’s Church is situated on a vast meadow and the location itself makes it so beautiful. A mass is said in the church every Sunday and the priest comes in from Srinagar!

  1. Go when there is Snow
Snow at Gulmarg

Gulmarg gets snow, a lot of snow. When I was there in March it had five feet of snow. And snow is so much fun. There is a skiing institute in Gulmarg too, so if you are planning to learn skiing, Gulmarg is one of the options.


  1. Do Rafting on Lidder
Rafting at River Lidder

There is rafting available on the River Lidder in Pahalgam. It was open for a small stretch when I was there and the water was oh so cold! But it was a lot of fun as well. Pahalgam is picture postcard beautiful even otherwise.


  1. Try Kahwa
Kahwa is Amazing

If you like tea you have to try kahwa the Kashmiri tea. It is a tea made without milk and everyone does it a little differently. I am otherwise a big fan of Chai but kahwa comes quite close. When in Kashmir, I drink only Kahwa. You have to give it a try, chances are you will get addicted like me!

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42 thoughts on “Things to do in Kashmir”

  1. Hey Globetrotter! I relived the memories of my parent’s honeymoon which I had seen in their picture album. I have never been to Kashmir. Staying in a house boat and visiting Gurmarg is my dream. You blog post just ignited those hidden desires of mine. Great post as always !!!! Keep it up

  2. Superb! I jus’ loved it. The pictures are very well defining the incredibility of the awesomeness of the place. Going to Kashmir has always been in the wishlist. Wish i’ll go the soon 🙂 Peace for all the flood-stricken people there!

  3. View of Srinagar from Pari Mahal, The Gondola Ride, Gulmarg, Snow at Gulmarg – all are beautiful photos.
    Kashmir Tourism website link is a great information. Thanks Mridula. Is it your travel agency?

  4. what a beautiful trip . Everything is there . Really Kashmir is like heaven and your photographs proving it.

  5. You are quite lucky to have visited Kashmir thrice, which is truly the “Paradise on Earth”. Everything about the place is intriguing and captivating, which makes it the most coveted destination among travelers. You article beautifies the place further. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  6. Hey Mridula,
    Your blog was very informative and will act as my To-do list in Kashmir. Your experiences in Kashmir really enthralled me and I’m booking a Kashmir tour package as soon as possible. The house boats, Dal Lake, paragliding, gondola rides and the Kahwa are things I am looking forward to.

    1. Viraj, try out some packages out there if that is what you are looking for. I am a blogger and I don’t arrange trips!

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