The Evening Sky

I quite enjoy doing the sky watch posts. I was thinking about what to post yesterday and I realized there was no sky pictures left that were worth posting from my previous trips. At times like these I rummage my old folders quite thoroughly and I usually find something.

But today I picked up my cup of tea and went to the terrace to see if the evening sky would throw some drama for me. I walked just with my cell phone. But One look at the sky and I went back to get my camera.

There was a lot of drama in the evening sky. I had a cup of tea in my hand, Chhavi was out with Seshadri playing somewhere and I have one week of vacation to look forward to! It was a really happy combination! So, instead of clicking a lot of pictures I clicked a few and then savored my tea and the idea that I have one week off from work and that Chhavi and I are traveling alone!

Beautiful Evening Sky
Beautiful Evening Sky

But then the sky compelled me leave my musings and pick up the camera again. The sky today evening was beautiful in my part of the world.

So, from Sunday, Chhavi and I start a small trip again to Shivpuri region near Rishikesh. I have to remember to click many sky pictures so that I do not run out of them till my next trip, whenever that happens. It is also one of those rare trips when i have a day off before I start the trip. I plan to sleep in late tomorrow morning. May you have a bright weekend.

42 thoughts on “The Evening Sky”

  1. love love love cloud patterns! beautiful pictures Mridula! thanks for sharing 🙂 and yes happy tripping!

  2. The clouds in the second pic look like they’ve made a beeline for someplace and are headed there very purposefully! Love it. 😀 Beautiful pics, and the first one is indeed dramatic. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Ami, I wish I could think of things like clouds making a beeline!

  3. Indeed very dramatic the sky looks! Nice clicks, Mirdula 🙂 Witnessing such wonderful evening and enjoying a sip of hot tea having exciting trip plan for the week ahead with a charming kid like Chhavi is quite amazing! Happy traveling, Mridula 🙂 Waiting for your trip tales 🙂
    TC! Keep smiling 🙂

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