Chimping or No Chimping- That is the Question

By Mridula Dwivedi March 3, 2015 23 Comments

About a year ago I was not even aware what chimping was. Hence whether I did it or not was irrelevant. But now that I know, I also know that I am not a big offender. In fact I am probably on the other side of the equation, I hardly chimp. But if you have not heard of the term chimping before, you might stop reading any further and declare me under the influence! And that is a risk I cannot take.


Chimping is the habit of reviewing each picture that you take on the LCD of your camera immediately after you take it. Experts say that if done to extreme it can be dreadfully distracting. I would not know for two reasons, first that I am not an expert and second that as I said before, I do not do excessive chimping. If anything I fall into the other category.

Since I do not chimp much, I am on the other side of the equation. I can surely tell what are some of the drawbacks of not chimping. Recently I was in Mumbai to attend the 2015 Discover Thainess event. I went about shooting quite a few pictures without chimping. And then due to some reason I chimped. To my horror I realized that all my treasured pictures had the wrong white balance. All my pictures had a strong yellow tinge.

Thank God I was Chimping!

And I had already clicked about 25 pictures. I scampered to correct the white balance (basically moved it away from shade) and got better shots.

A Better White Balance

And then I had to go back and click most of those 25 shots again. Had I not chimped, I would end up all the shots having poor white balance and I would realize it after the event. You may turn back and say I should have paid attention to the white balance at the beginning but then I am no pro and I do make mistakes, as silly as this one.

And even though white balance could be more associated with a DSLR but chimping can happen on any device, any camera. So what do you say? Do you indulge in chimping? Does it distract you? Has it saved your day sometimes, like it did mine?


23 thoughts on “Chimping or No Chimping- That is the Question”

  1. I did not know what is Chimping till now. I thought from the title, it is something to do with monkey bossiness that Chimpanzees do. Now after reading, I am wiser to an extent. Thank you.

  2. Hmm…so that’s what it means.
    I learnt something new today.
    And about Chimping — a little guilty. But I don’t think its distracting. I’ve found that to be a good thing to do, considering the many mistakes we tend to make.

    Happy Chimping, Mridula. 🙂

  3. Chimping! Nice word 🙂 Informative post it is… many of your readers have given nice tips too 🙂
    I do chimping sometimes not very much, not every time, but I do. It helps me to check the clarity especially when I will be taking macros.

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