When I Dropped My Wallet

Chhavi and I visited the Chail Palace on our way back from Fagu. Both of us were quite happy to potter around the huge lawn right next to the main premises. There was a toy train, a merry go round and a swing and you know what a treasure it is for a kid. However the toy train was stationary, the merry go round seats had water on it and Chhavi was not too fascinated by the swing as she has it at home too.

The Lawns of Chail Palace

We had ten minutes of bliss and suddenly things didn’t feel so right to me. I put my hand in the pocket where my wallet should have been, but it was simply not there, it had completely and utterly vanished with all the cards and money. The last time I took it out was for paying Rs. 100 as the entry fee to the Chail Palace. I thought I must have dropped the wallet in the car itself. I was trying to hurry back to the car but the kid would just not understand the urgency. I was near panic, usually I put away one ATM card in a different place but not this time.

That Beautiful Feeling!

While I was asking Chhavi to hurry up, a hotel employee walked to me and asked if I was looking for something? I told him I managed to dropped my wallet somewhere. The angel told me that it was in their office, they knew it was mine because it had my photo id cards. The amount of relief I felt at that moment cannot be expressed in words. He told me that I had dropped the wallet on the porch right at the entrance of the hotel. He found it and deposited it in the office. The fool that I am, I first to dropped my wallet to the last card and then I did not ask the name of the angel who found it and gave it back intact to the last coin.

I did try to tip him but of course they would not hear of it. As a thank you I am going to go back to Chail and stay at the Chail Palace Hotel whenever I can steal a leave next.

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20 thoughts on “When I Dropped My Wallet”

  1. It feels good to know that we have such simple and honest people around. The image of the flower truly represent that beautiful feeling.

    • Thank you so much moon. I shudder to think what would have happened if I didn’t find it back!

  2. Good for you and good to see your blog post on this. 🙂 I seriously like when I hear such stories of honest people….

  3. You were lucky. The hotel employee found it and informed you about it. We had a funny experience. Chail is full of monkeys. My daughter was walking around. She decided to enjoy a chocolate she was carrying. A big monkey walked unto her and snatched the chocolate and walked away. It was funny sight. I wish i could take a photograph.

    • I know that feeling Abhijit, in our college there used to be a lot of monkeys. One of my friends and I were eating chocolates and a monkey approached. I threw mine so the monkey walked away. My friend didn’t saying she liked that brand of chocolate a lot! 😀

  4. When I saw the beautiful flowers picture, I was happy that this is going to have a happy ending 🙂 Such incidents prove that kindness still exists! Glad you got your wallet back 🙂

    • Indeed Sindhu the hotel staff at Chail Palace just saved the day for me by returning my wallet.

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