If You had to Pick Only One Picture- Discover Thainess 2015

The Discover Thainess 2015 campaign was launched in Mumbai on February 25 by the tourism and sports minister of Thailand Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul. I was invited to attend this complete visual delight. I present you the same in pictures!

The Tourism and Sports Minister of Thailand Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul

Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, The Tourism and Sports Minister of Thailand

The minister addressed the press conference and unveiled the theme of 2015 Discover Thainess. She interacted with the media for long hours after the event. She was quite bullish on the Indian market and had great optimism for Thailand Tourism in 2015.

The Lobby of the Palladium Hotel, Mumbai

The Lobby, Palladium Hotel, Mumbai

The beautiful Palladium Hotel in Mumbai was the venue of the gala 2015 Discover Thainess event. I stayed there for a night as well.

A Riot of Colors

A Riot of Colors

The venue of the ballroom of the Palladium Hotel in Mumbai and it was a riot of colors. These bright colors are used to paint the Thai face masks.

The Thai Masks

The Thai Masks

This is how the masks look when completed. Thai culture has some similarities with the Indian culture when it comes to Kinnaras, asuras and the ramayana.

A Beautiful Thai Girl!

Beautiful Orchids and Beautiful Thai Woman

One of the themes of the event was ‘floating markets’ of Thailand. This boat had beautiful orchids with a beautiful lady right in Mumbai!

Thai Sweets

Thai Sweets
Thai Sweets

At the first glance I thought these were miniature soaps, till I was invited to eat them! They are actually Thai sweets, mild flavored and really good. They were such an eye candy too!

Orchids- Quintessentially Thai

Beautiful orchids

There were rows of orchids at the venue which created the vivid colors of Thainess at the event. Try as I might, this was the best I could do in photographing them, I was not too happy with the result.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai

This was my first glimpse of Muay Thai. It was a fascinating display of skills and strength between the two boxers. And the two beautiful ladies are fellow bloggers Ragini and Manjukila from Delhi.

A Thai Basket

A Thai Basket

I was not sure what looked more cute, the miniature boat or the beautiful basket full of delightful Thai sweets. And that perfectly tied bow was a pleasure to photograph.

The Ladyboy

The Ladyboy

If you have been to Thailand you already know about ladyboys. This charming ladyboy was at the drinks counter of the event. I hope we will treat our transvestites as well in future.

A Very Rosy Arrangement

A Very Rosy Arrangement

This bowl full of rose and its petals was an eyecatcher for sure. I can’t remember when I saw such a bright shade of orange in such a beautiful formation!

Miniature Thai Boats

Miniature Thai Boats

Thai floating markets are a thing of beauty. I have been lucky to see two of them Taling Chan Floating Market and the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. The miniature boats reminded me of the real markets which are so vibrant!

Such a Beautiful Arrangement

Beautiful Flowers in her Hair

I was quite fascinated by the beautiful flowers in the hair of this Thai dancer. I am sure one has to know how to carry it off, I am sure if I put it, it will not look half as good!

Fruit Carving

Fruit Carving

Thai fruit carving was also on display and you guessed it right, this is a carving on a watermelon. It surely made for a pretty picture.

Floating Markets

Floating Markets

I have not been to Amphawa Floating Market but it is 50 km from Bangkok and seems to be less touristy. I hope I will go there one day.

So if you had to pick only one picture out off all these, which one would you choose?

PS. I was invited to the event by TAT New Delhi!


24 thoughts on “If You had to Pick Only One Picture- Discover Thainess 2015”

  1. All the pics are so beautiful and expressive it’s difficult to choose one. Yet I tried … 🙂 and I picked two for ‘Thainess’ – Thai Masks and Flowers in hair.

  2. Awesome, both Thailand and your photography!! It’s very hard to tell which one is the best… I thought this is the best one while watching each one of them! If I have to choose any one, I will choose the miniature boats, its superb!

  3. I choose all of them! It’s unfair to choose just one. 🙂

    Can’t remember where was that Rosy arrangement. It seems I missed it.

    P.S.- Sorry, I saw it today… was off internet for a few days.

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