It is Time to Live with My Mad Decision

This year when I was planning my one week January break I considered exotic locations. I tried booking Kenya and Seychelles. Seychelles was way too expensive, so was Kenya. I thought I would shell out the money for Kenya but then yellow fever vaccination came in the way. I finally gave the go ahead for Bali only to find even that was not available on my dates. The first picture has been added after the trip, it is the village.

Then in a fit of madness I decided to trek in winter! Now it is time to live with that decision. I am heading to Himachal Pradesh later today and the mere thought of cold scares me. I am trekking with my long time guide Sohan Bisht. Seshadri and I first trekked with him in 2006!

Snow and Cold is What I Expect

The idea is to go to Kareri Village near Dharamshala. The original idea was to trek up to Kareri Lake. But given the weather conditions and the reports we are getting, it may not be possible. We might just do a home stay in the village and do day treks, come back to the home at night and not camp at all. The mere idea still feels very cold to me. But then it is now time to live with my mad decision. I feel so lazy to venture out of my house, and yet Sohan ji would have started in the morning from Joshimath and I can’t ditch him now or he will never trek with me again!

I wonder why I feel so unsettled before the trip? I wonder why I feel so unsettled at the start of 2015. I hope I will find some answers in the Himalayas. Sitting on a flat rock in the mountains, I have often taken earth shattering decisions (pun intended) which I have not regretted! I hope the cold will not mess with my thought process.

On another note even Chhavi has been to Kareri Lake but she went with Seshadri and Sohan ji in summer! Now they were a sensible bunch!

PS. There will be no blog updates but I should have some connectivity to update on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

32 thoughts on “It is Time to Live with My Mad Decision”

    • Anu I sincerely hope so, as of now the mere thought of cold makes me go cold! I feel like ditching it entirely.

  1. Enjoy your trek! I shall be waiting for your detailed blog about this trek 🙂

  2. That does look really cold! Brr.. My mom is from dharamsala and I know it gets quite cold in the winters. Do enjoy your trek and stay warm!

  3. I read the title of this post and thought you had quit! 🙂 But I agree trekking in the cold seems equally daunting. All the best, sure you will have a very memorable trip!

  4. Happy trekking, Mridula 🙂 Hope you enjoy the trip and hope the trek makes you happy about your decision 🙂
    TC! Keep smiling 🙂

  5. India has so many beautiful places. My only problem is approach to these places are so dirty. Many of our hill stations are also not properly maintained. I think government should work on war footing on education and empowering local governments to keep their cities and towns clean.

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