Sirpur National Dance and Music Festival 2015

I attended the recently concluded Sirpur National Dance and Music Festival 2015 in Chhattisgarh. Now that I am back, if I could have it my way, I would like to attend the next year’s festival too. You can read about it all in this post or you may go and check out my short videos on Vine and listen to the music. If you would take my advice, that would be the better course, but then free feel to ignore it, that way you will read my post!

Sirpur Music Festival, Chhattisgarh
A Young Music Fan at Sirpur Music Festival, Chhattisgarh

Sipur is about 80 KM away from the capital town of Raipur, where we were staying. The festival is held against the ancient Laxman Temple of Sipur. It was a three day event held from 16 to 18 January 2015. Each day presented scintillating music, I was surprised because I never expected that I would enjoy it so much. I found myself tapping my feet, clapping to the tune, or more likely out of tune, things I hardly ever do because I am tone deaf! And yet at Sipur even this tone deaf person was enchanted!

Day 1  Sirpur Festival 2015

Sirpur, Chhattisgarh
Showcasing the Tribal Culture, Sirpur, Chhattisgarh

The best event of Day 1 was the performance ‘Taal Chhattisgarh.’ Actually it is useless to try to capture that divine music that Pete Lockette produced with 60 tribal musicians in words. It has to be experienced. Chhattisgarh has an extremely rich tribal culture which the MD Chhattisgarh Tourism, Mr. Sanotsh K Misra, was quick to highlight in his media briefing.

Yamini Singh Kathak
Yamini Singh and Her Group at Sirpur, Chhattisgarh

The sequence was followed by Kathak by Yasmin Singh and Group. The last performance of the day was by Shounak Abhisheki & Asha Khandilkar’s devotional songs. The program used to end around 10 at night and by that time it would get cold. On day one Anuradha Shankarn and I were in a deep conversation about music and everything else. It was difficult to believe even for us that we met for the first time in real life! We two had the cab to overself on our drive back to Raipur!

Day 2  Sirpur Festival 2015

Sirpur Music Festival 2015
Leonardo Eto from Japan on Drums at Sirpur Music Festival 2015

On day 2 of the festival I was completely swayed by Rahul Sharma and his group and the music they created. Also amazing was Leonardo Eto on drums from Japan. Day two also saw the crowd puller Anuradha Paudwal performing with her group.

Anuradha Paudwal was a Crowd Puller at Sirpur

By day two I realized that if I wanted better pictures I need elevation and I started climbing on the platform where the TV cameras were hosted. No one asked me to get lost and that became my preferred position to watch the program.

Day 3- Sirpur Festival 2015

By the last day I didn’t want the festival to end! And I am saying this about a cultural festival, when I hardly consider myself cultured! I enjoyed two superlative performances on this day, one by Ustad Shujaat Khan and his group. I enjoyed Vidwan Vikku Vinayakram on Ghatam. I never thought a Ghatam could sound this amazing.

Birju Maharaj
Pt. Birju Maharaj and his Group Performing at Sirpur Fest 2015

Then of course the finale was superlative with Pt. Birju Maharaj and his group. I could only marvel at Pandit ji’s energy and devotion to his craft. It was such a cold night and yet he performed with such a zeal.

The Legend, Pt. Birju Maharaj
The Legend, Pt. Birju Maharaj

If you are a music lover, you would truly enjoy the festival. I can vouch for it. If a stiff person like me can go foot tapping, clapping and swaying, anyone would, I can take a bet on it.

If you wish to know more about the festival you can go to the official page of Sirpur Festival.

PS. I was invited by Chhattisgarh Tourism Board to attend the event.

22 thoughts on “Sirpur National Dance and Music Festival 2015”

    • Thank you so much Preethi. For me it was a different event and I so enjoyed it! There was a live telecast on DD Bharti.

    • Sindhu they might telecast it live on DD Bharti as well, this year they did! 😀

  1. Great festival! You had a good time there. It’s really an experience to witness performances of maestros like Pt. Birju Maharaj 🙂

    • Yes Maniparna I was quite in awe of Pandit ji, I wish I will have at least half his energy at that age!

    • Indrani it indeed was a great festival and I am quite impressed by the tourism boad of Chhattisgarh.

  2. Folk, fusion, Santoor and classical dance seems altogether an enthralling event! Thanks for sharing with all those vibrant photos with detail. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Moon, I am not aware of the intricacies of music but it was an amazing place to be during the festival. I enjoyed it a lot.

  3. nice post Mridula. event looks worth attending. nice pictures as well, would have been better with bigger size/resolution.

    • Nilesh, thank you for the feedback, night photography still remains tricky for me 🙁

    • Gowtham,

      Many thanks for your kind words but I am traveling soon and truly sorry, I won’t be able to pick it up. You might have noticed I never do awards.

  4. Sounds awesome! In our busy life we seldom make it a point to attend many cultural performances, and so when we do I guess we realize what a lovely, enriching experience it is. Great start to the new year!

    • True Chaitali, I am anyway not culturally inclined 😀 But this was a great start to the year.

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