Breaking All Records of Taking Blogging Breaks

I do not quite know what to make of 2015 in the first 15 days. On the first day itself my car got a new scratch and a check that I received for a blogging assignment was mildly torn.  I am hardly sentimental towards my car, but I am quite sentimental for my blog. And yet I took such a long unintentional blogging break, breaking almost all past records! I hope there will be no repeat performance of this sort again in this year. Intentional blogging breaks are allowed.

Other than visiting my sister, which I enjoy a lot, I have not done much by the way of traveling. However, this is going to change from tomorrow. The first trip of the year is about to begin. I am traveling to Chhattisgarh for the first time to attend the Sirpur Dance and Music Festival 2015. I am so looking forward to it.

On other updates, I was planning to take a break in the last week of January. I got quite excited about Kenya only to find you need a yellow fever vaccination to visit the country. And it is available only in select government clinics. That lowered my enthusiasm quite a bit. Then I settled on Bali only to find that my preferred dates were gone. So, I have decided to trek, in January. A small, mild one but still a trek, a freezing cold trek! I am having second thoughts about it every day but I am going to go through it now.

So you know, I do not quite know what to make out of 2015 by the first few days. But then 2014 started with a cancelled trip and it turned out to be quite fine. I am hoping for the same for 2015 too.

Oh and that check was honored by the bank. The scratch on the car, I am not going to do anything about.

15 thoughts on “Breaking All Records of Taking Blogging Breaks”

  1. Best wishes for exciting travels in 2015also for you Mridula! when you travel so many more people benefit…

  2. A freezing cold trek!!!! That sounds super interesting. Best of luck and take care…. 🙂

  3. All the Best for the challenging trek Mridula ….enjoy , take care and yes…we are waiting for the ‘freezing’ pics and the exciting info 🙂

  4. Sometimes a break is refreshing. I hope that amazing pictures and post are going to produce in this year starting from Sirpur and so on ……

  5. A torn check is never a good thing… I wonder why companies don’t deposit money directly in account and save the trouble of writing check / posting and then reconciling accounts.

    Enjoy the trip to Chattisgarh….

  6. Hope you enjoyed your first trip to Sirpur, Chhattisgarh. Besides photography I enjoyed the festival, specially the music.

  7. Oh Mridula… It’s Ok not being able to blog. But, it was true that many of your readers, including me, were missing and waiting for your posts 🙂 I am not the right person to tell this to you who has seen world more than me, but, everything will be alright soon!

    Saw some of the Sirpur photos on FB, they are awesome! Best wishes for the coming trips 🙂

    TC! Keep smiling 🙂

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