Simple Photography Tips III

By Mridula Dwivedi December 22, 2014 36 Comments , ,

So, I am back with more simple photography tips which are camera independent. They will work with any camera you use. If you wish to look at previous tips, here areΒ part I and part II of the series.

Keeping the Horizon Straight

Sloping Horizon
Sloping Horizon #Canon550D

I was not even aware that I used to mess up my horizons till a friend from Egypt on Twitter pointed it out to me. After that I guard my horizons with zeal. I am using a tilted one as an example in this picture. You can see that I have tilted the horizon to the left in this seascape from Maldives.

How to correct this? Thankfully most of the editing software provide a simple option of ‘straighten’ and I use it. While clicking I try to align my camera straight with any horizontal line that I can find in the scene. This is a simple mistake to correct as long as we are aware of it.

What is Your Subject?

The Man with Cool Shades, Amman, Jordan
The Man with Cool Shades, Amman, Jordan #Canon550D

Every photograph is usually about something, some subject. It need not be a single person or thing. But it is our job as a photographer to make the focus clear, what we wish to draw the attention to.

What is the Focus?
What is the Focus? #Canon550D

Whereas look at the picture above. I was standing by the Jordan River on the Jordan side and a ceremony was taking place on Israel side which we could see. The gentleman in the center is a priest and the guy to his left was drenched in water. And everyone else is clicking a picture of ceremony. But can the picture tell this? No, it just looks like a bunch of people with no clear subject if you just look at the picture! I click a lot of these but I simply don’t post them online.

Keep the Background Clean

A Clean Green Background
A Clean Green Background #Canon550D

Backgrounds matter, they matter a lot. So whenever I can, I try to find a clean background. It usually happens by moving around. For this shot there were other plants nearby but I moved a little till I could get the flowers and the grass and nothing else in the frame.

So how did you find the tips for this week?


36 thoughts on “Simple Photography Tips III”

  1. Teacher, I find the tips for this week very simple for photography but I am confused how to jaldi jaldi select settings when a subject is moving and I have to click its photo? Any simple tips?

    1. Tushar I would use the sports mode if I had to go for an auto function. That way I can shoot in burst and get many images in a few seconds. For manual I would need to knwo more about your camera.

  2. Very useful tips! in fact your first tip about horizon seems quite apt as in the hurry of clicking a picture we often end up messing a horizon. Thanks for the useful post!

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