Simple Photography Tips II

I am not sure how many camera independent tips for better photography I am really aware of but it is fun raking my brains. So here is the second post in the series. No matter what camera you use, you can try these simple photography tips.

Leading Lines

Heysham, Lancaster, UK
Heysham, Lancaster, UK #Canon350D

Don’t ask me why a picture becomes pleasing when it has leading lines, it just does. Some say it is because it guides the eye along those lines and takes you through the scene more effectively. Search for leading lines and see the gorgeous pictures the internet throws up. Once again this is a tip that can be used independent of the camera you are using. Also we unconsciously keep combining the tips all the time. By all means I will look for leading lines along with good light. Took this picture way back in 2011 on a work trip to UK.


Narayan Sarovar, Kutch, Gujarat
Narayan Sarovar, Kutch, Gujarat #Canon550D

If I find a lot of colors I know that is the picture to take. It is not easy to always find colorful scenarios but don’t overlook them when you find them. I saw hoard of tourists walking past this door without giving it a second glance and yet it had such beautiful colors! I would have used it as a backdrop for group photographs but then I was traveling solo on that occasion. I did ask someone to click my picture against the backdrop though. And colors look good irrespective of the camera they were clicked with!

Flash Off

Flowers at Night Market
Flowers at Night Market #XperiaZ3

Try putting your camera in the flash off mode. Even in most simple cameras and cell phones we can switch off the flash or use the mode where the flash does not fire. Why? Try clicking a picture where the flash fired automatically. Then take the same picture with flash off mode. You will see the difference. When the built-in flash is fired it makes the photo quite harsh and blown out. I took this picture at the night market in Bangkok and yet the light was sufficient to take it without flash with my cell phone.

That is it in this post. Let us see what else I can think of next week. Why don’t you share your favorite tips with me in the comments?

30 thoughts on “Simple Photography Tips II”

  1. Photography taught me on-field something which comes via an experience. You are passing via a road or bridge or anything and then you wish to stop to click a photo. The eyes finds something good to store in camera. And it is the skill that is developed only when you click click and click. And then you click less but whatever you click you click good.
    I am still clicking more but yes, I am little near to a skill where you click less but click good.

  2. Useful tips.. i already use the colour one and the flash off one but though I always wondered why is this pic so beautiful – i got my answer today – leading lines !am going to use the leading lines one definitely.. Thanks Mridula 🙂

  3. Lovely pics, Mridula!
    Thanks for sharing the tips. I am a student & it’s wonderful to learn 🙂
    I have observed the Flash On, Flash Auto & No Flash difference in pic quailty…

  4. Great tips and wonderful pictures Mridula 🙂 Third one I have tried and felt that picture comes better without flash. Our camera is very sensitive to light, it needs flash to get clear picture even at 6pm. Will high ISO help to solve this? Please suggest…

  5. I read the tips part 3 first, then realised I need the 1 and 2.
    These tips will surely reflect in my photos from now.
    Thanks a lot.

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