Island Hopping in Krabi, Thailand

I love being outdoors and if it is in the mountains or by the sea all the more better. So, when I went island hopping in Krabi, Thailand it was a lot of fun for me! I got such a lot of sunburn on this trip! Krabi is in south of Thailand by the Andaman Sea, which is truly beautiful.

There are many island hopping options from Krabi. Hong Island is offered as one trip, then there is a ‘four island trip’ and another to Phi Phi Island. I did the Hong Island and the four island trips.

Hong Island

It was a lovely evening with gorgeous blue skies (see the picture above) when I went to the Hong Island from Krabi. I had a private speed boat all to myself for this trip courtesy Sofitel Krabi. The water was nice and warm, just the right temperature. I did a bit of snorkeling and kayaking too. There was sparkling wine for me on this trip, so I had one good pampering session.

Tup Island, Part of the Island Hopping in Krabi

Tup Island, Krabi
Tup Island, Krabi

The next day I went on the four island tour. All the islands carry Tsunami warnings, as they were affected in the past. Tup Island was our first stop. It is popular with tourists as well as locals. We could walk all the way to the island in the middle. I was told that one could actually walk to another island (not in this picture) if the tide was low. But when I was there it was high tide.

We went snorkeling a little ahead from Tup Island. It was the first time I went to snorkel in the deep sea. In all my previous experiences I did snorkeling off the shore. After a while I forgot that I was in the deep sea and had great time. I had a life jacket too, hence it was easier to concentrate on fish.

Poda Island Kriabi
Poda Island

Poda was the third island we visited on the trip, and to me the most beautiful of the lot. We also had packed lunch here. They had a vegetarian packet, which was mighty nice of them. And if you are wondering that I gobbled up the second island on this trip, you are right. It was called the ‘Chicken Island’ because one of the mountains looked like a leg piece of a chicken dish! It was because of the high tide we could not get down at the Chicken Island.

Boats at the Poda Island, Krabi

 Poda Island, Krabi
Boats on the Poda Island, Krabi

I walked a bit and reached this serene spot on the Poda Island. The water once again was delicious. At one point, a school of fish went by me, visible to the eye. It was such fun.

Railay Beach, Krabi

Railay Beach, Krabi
Railay Beach, Krabi

Railay was the last island we visited. It is quite popular with rock climbers. It is a pity that I did not any decent pictures of the climbers. You can walk a lot inside as well from where the boat drops you. This was the only island which has five star property on it. I guess there are no other hotels on the Railay Beach. There is a Buddhist Shrine in a cave on the island right on the main beach.

The other islands are part of national parks and no one stay overnight. Maybe that is why they are so pristine. However, island hopping in Krabi is very popular and the islands are crowded for sure. I still enjoyed it a lot!

PS. My trip to Thailand was sponsored by TAT New Delhi

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34 thoughts on “Island Hopping in Krabi, Thailand”

  1. Nice pictures of Thailand ! I did the same tour in Krabi last August ! It was the rainy season therefore the skies were beautiful with the clouds ! just like in yours ! Thanks for the tour again !
    PS: If you visit my blog you’ll see some pics of Thailand too πŸ˜‰

  2. Very beautiful shots! My mother was born in Thailand, and my grandmother’s family was from Lamphun in Northern Thailand. I’d like to visit there some day!

  3. The contrast between your top photo and the second one is quite striking. On the first one you can sort of imagine you have the beach to yourself, on the second one you realise how tourism uses the area, with the designated swimming zone where everyone flocks. Well, it’s called tourism.

    Your photos are lovely anyway.

    • Nathalie all the beaches were crowded πŸ˜€ I can choose what I wish to show. I made an effort to get quieter scenes πŸ˜€

  4. WOW!!!! I am ready to pack my bags and head to Thailand. What a fabulous trip! I have got to put this trip on my list. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos.

  5. Heaven on earth! Splendid capture Mridula! Telling you again, I love reading your posts πŸ™‚

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