December Travel Musings

I was feeling very grumpy the other day. I don’t know what triggered it. I usually don’t sulk. And yet I sat looking at bright sunshine and sulking badly. After a while my thoughts went to the travels this year and with a start I realized I have seen 5 new countries (obviously new for me) and been on 8 trips abroad to 6 countries in all.

And yet I was sulking! Yes sometimes I do not make sense even to myself. So, here I go and take you along with me to places (not all, only overseas trips in this post) I went in 2014. After all, December managed to sneak in somehow and it is time for musings and remembering.

1. Finland (with Nokia)

Helsinki (picture above) was a stop over and Levi, Lapland our destination. I have been to Europe before but never to this cold a place. The highest temperature I was 3 degree centigrade in Helsinki, in Levi it was always in minus. And it was so much fun. I had a little more beer and wine than ever before, I discovered the Finnish sauna and I took an icy dip in the freezing weather. And I got a cool phone, Lumia 1020 to keep! And yet I was sulking just a day before!

2. Maldives (Personal Trip)

Beach Maldives

If I had a lot of money, I would take a vacation in Maldives every year! I liked it so much. Of all the beaches I have seen till now, I found Maldives the most stunning. I never imagined that the water could be this blue, or have so many hues! I am absolutely smitten by the place. At some point or other I want to go back to this unbelievable place preferably with my daughter and niece.

3. Jordan (with Jordan Tourism Board)

Pope Francis in Jordan
Pope Francis in Jordan

Did you see the person and did you see the copyright notice? I really got to click Pope Franics this year in Amman, Jordan and yet I was sulking just yesterday. Jordan was such a delightful trip, one for the special event of Pope Francis’s visit and of course I got to see the gorgeous country too! Dead Sea was an absolute hit!

4. Bhutan (with Make My Trip)

Tiger's Nest, Paro, Bhutan
Tiger’s Nest, Paro, Bhutan

I know I will head back to Bhutan to trek; sooner or later is the question. The tiny neighbor has a special place in my heart, I truly loved it. When you land in Bhutan, you feel you have stepped back in time at least by 50 years. And if you are looking for serenity, you will find it in Bhutan.

5. Hong Kong (with my brats on a personal trip)

Hong Kong with Kids
Hong Kong with Kids

This is the most talked about trip at home. The kids never get tired talking about it. What did they like most on the trip? If you thought Disneyland you are wrong, it was the hotel swimming pool they liked most! Kids, only they could come up something like this! Where do they wish to go next? Chhavi has no preferences but Vasu wants to go to Paris (because of the movie Queen) or to Florida and this time you guessed it right, because of the Disneyland. Well, if they study a lot, I might take them somewhere nearby next year too, to a visa on arrival country.

6. Thailand (with TAT New Delhi)

Flower Market, Bangkok
Flower Market, Bangkok

It is difficult to believe that I went to Thailand 3 times this year with Tourism Authority of Thailand, New Delhi. In all I have been to this adorable country 4 times. But it was not a new destination in 2014 as I went there last year too. I absolutely adore the country. And I have so many beautiful pictures from the place that I put it in a video!

And by the time I am at the end of this post, I can’t believe I was sulking so badly that I had to sit down and ponder! If I can do even half of this next year, I would not complain.

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30 thoughts on “December Travel Musings”

  1. 5 new countries… not bad for a year that has only 12 months add that new places in India and it was a good year….plus own domain for blog another new I would say…. All the best for coming years….

  2. Maybe you wanted to travel and it is not happening that is why feeling very grumpy. You know better but for me when I am not traveling or not writing for few days I feel something is missing in a day and when I write or travel I feel All is Well.
    But soon I have to conquer that something missing feeling. Too much attachment to any subject not good.

  3. Awesome. Super Awesome. Wish you mnay more in the upcoming more. Btw, is it okay to feel a little envious for the Helsinki trip? Haha 😀

  4. So many wonderful overseas trips!.really awesome Mridula Ji , I think I read most of your post this year , continue your trips and writing

  5. I think, I have read your posts about the first four trips… Still, I was eager to read word by word to know what new you are going to tell. And you never disappoint me! May be, I am reading your posts after a long time and hence I cannot stop from telling the same again and again… It’s such a pleasure to be here! Hope the coming year is full of many more wonderful trips for you 🙂

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