Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Golf and Spa Resort

I stayed for two nights at Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Golf and Spa Resort which I will call simply Sofitel Krabi in the post. It is a beautiful property and has a magnificent swimming pool, a pool which is the biggest in Thailand. The architecture of the hotel is in colonial style.

The Lobby at Sofitel Krabi
The Lobby at Sofitel Krabi

I had a lovely room at the third floor, the top story of the hotel. It was a pool facing room, which gave a peak of the ocean beyond. It was a large, spacious room with a work area and a cozy chair for reading or if you prefer watching TV. I would take the stairs to my room but there is a lift too in the extreme corner of the floor as well.

My Room at Sofitel Krabi
My Room at Sofitel Krabi

The bathroom was luxurious too, with products from L’occitane for use. The bath tub was beautiful and deep. Everything was maintained well and I really had a comfortable time.

The Beautiful Swimming Pool at Sofitel Krabi
The Beautiful Swimming Pool at Sofitel Krabi

The highlight of the hotel was the pool for me! I heard of it even before reaching there and I was so looking forward to swim. But my itinerary was such that I could find time to take a dip only once! It is a 700 meter pool and I have not made a typo.

I knew I would didn’t had enough time to swim around it all but I surely wanted to walk around it. I could not even do that! The short swim that I managed was wonderful. It was a favorite hanging place for many guests. There were hammocks in the lawns around the pool and they too found a lot of takers.

Towel Art in My Room, Sofitel Krabi
Towel Art in My Room, Sofitel Krabi

I used to take my breakfast at Maya and the spread used to be huge. I checked out a few things only from the buffet. My standard was fruit and juice followed by either pan cake or eggs. I liked their organic muesli too.

One night I was so hungry I ordered a veg Pizza as there were not too many veg options on the room service menu. I do not what it was, whether I was so hungry or the pizza was so good or a combination of it, but I polished it off all alone! And it is a record of sorts!

Their Spa is called So Spa in association with L’occitane but I could not try it out. They arrange various excursions for their guests on shared or private basis. I visited Hong Island with them on a private speed boat trip. It was so much fun and such luxury. Do click the link and check out the post on Hong Island too. They have a golf course too as the name suggests, but I only caught a glimpse of it while driving in and out of the resort!

Klong Muang Beach, Sofitel Krabi
Klong Muang Beach, Sofitel Krabi

The beach is right across the road to Sofitel but it is a public beach. I loved it, I was lucky to see two amazing sunsets on it. But due the location, the hotel cannot have an exclusive beach. But I have a feeling that this is true of other hotels in the area as well.

The lobby of Sofitel Krabi had a lively environment. Whenever I was coming or going, someone from the staff would say a kind word to me, or simply greet me. If you are looking for luxury in Krabi with a lively atmosphere, you will enjoy Sofitel Krabi. I had a truly lovely time with them.

I was invited by TAT New Delhi to visit Thailand and I lived in such luxury on this trip!


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    1. Ankita it has been three trips this year and including one from last year 4 in all. I have only visited UK more but that was because of work!

  1. Krabi has been on my wish list ever since I visited Bangkok , and now after reading your lovely post , I`m even more convinced to visit it 🙂
    Loved the photo of the sunset !

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