Overloaded Bus

I guess I am cheating a little today. I picked this picture for Sky Watch Friday more because of the overloaded bus rather than the sky. But it has blue sky too, won’t you agree? But then it has been one of those weeks where it feels weekend came after five rather than the regular one week. So you have to give me some sack.

Also I thought the saying on the bus was great ‘100  में से 80 बेईमान फिर भी मेरा देश महान’ (’80 out of 100 people are corrupt by still my country is great’ is a rough translation).

I was coming back from a wonderful stay at the Jaipur Marriott. We were not very far away from reaching home. I was feeling quite lethargic by now, a bit impatient too. After all it is at the end of the journey when you wish to reach home fast.  And then I witnessed this scene on the Jaipur-Delhi Highway.

I hesitated initially because if the passengers notice someone clicking a picture, particularly a woman, they can start shouting and hooting. And I was in no mood for that. But then the scene was too delicious to let go without an attempt. No one noticed me clicking the picture from the car. I guess the boys were too busy holding on to their dear life!

But the biggest coincidence was when I posted this on Facebook and my sister shared it. One of her friend’s said the students were from the polytechnic where she is a teacher! She had some very sharp words to say about this habit of her students. Of course there have been accidents in the past. But then it is indeed a small world, where you click a random picture and someone finds a connection with it!

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16 thoughts on “Overloaded Bus”

  1. Hahahaha !! They are counting less actually It is 100 में 90 बेईमान फिर भी मेरा भारत महान !! These Types of Pictures are not rare in UP , Bihar and in Rajasthan .

  2. Mera Bharat is always Mahan, if we all become aware of our duties. Strength of 130 crore with sheer ignorance. Now, the whole nation has taken drive for Swachh Bharat, same way a drive is required for aware Bharat. It is not the question of reputation here, but they are students, lives of many families attached to them, hope of future and they are risking their lives like this and it is taken as fun

    • I agree with you Twinkle. But we really need to make it ‘mahan’ and not leave it at the level of patriotic feeling.

  3. I have seen this scene on my way to Jaipur. Such activity is also common in Haryana. Must be the same in UP and Bihar also. Nice click.

  4. Oh my gosh! the world really is’ that shrunk,’ now. 😀

    The cheating can be excused here. That’s a really cool picture. Anyway, that’s a clear blue sky. 🙂

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