A Memorable Stay at Jaipur Marriott

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I am not a fan of road trips, they usually leave me tired. Also at least twice during any journey, I get a feeling that we barely escaped colliding! But the driver of my car from Jaipur Marriott was a real pro, I never felt that we would collide at any point in this trip!

Delhi Jaipur Highway
Breakfast Stop on the Delhi Jaipur Highway

So, it is a great testimony to the skill of the driver that I was not feeling like a nervous wreck when we arrived at the Jaipur Marriott.

Welcome Drinks
Welcome Drinks

I still arrived tried so it helped a lot that a person escorted me to my room and then asked for my Id card. But there were refreshing welcome drinks before that! Then as soon as I I managed to get my luggage I took my camera and started clicking pictures.

My Room at the Jaipur Marriott
My Room at the Jaipur Marriott

I had this entire big room to myself. What floored me was the floral decoration on the bed and my name monogrammed on the pillow cover! I enjoyed the fruits and I wish they left fewer cookies in my room. I am quite sure I gained two kg just on this single trip!

My Name at the Lunch Table Too!
My Name at the Lunch Table Too!

It was soon time for a late lunch at their all buffet style day dining restaurant Okra. The buffet spread was huge and had dishes from various parts of the world. Executive Chef Sahil Arora also joined us for lunch. Now I am not a foodie so I had very silly questions to put to him. I asked him about Sashimi on the table he explained the process quite patiently to me. I like it when celebrity chefs make you feel secure enough to ask silly questions!

O2 Spa, Japir Marriott
O2 Spa, Japir Marriott

After lunch I thought I would crash for an hour but then the only available free spa slot was in 15 minutes. I had a blissful one hour of Balinese Massage at the O2 Spa. I came back looking much better and relaxed than when I went in!

Cocktails at the Lounge 18, jaipur Marriott
Cocktails at the Lounge 18, jaipur Marriott

The dinner (much later) was their new done Lounge 18. It is a trendy night club and quite popular with the young crowd of Jaipur. To begin with I went with a safe choice of a red wine sangria which was good. I enjoyed the mushroom starters along with the numerous others that came my way. I ordered a Cosmos as my second drink which is vodka and cranberry based and I absolutely loved it. I think I am a vodka person after all!

Sudeep Sharma, the director of food and beverages and Rohit Dhar, the general manager of the hotel justifiably feel very proud of the success of the lounge. It was a Saturday night and by the time the tired me decided to call it a day, the place was full of young people for whom the weekend probably had just begin!

Liquor Chocolates at Jaipur Marriott
Liquor Chocolates at Jaipur Marriott

And if I thought that I had seen it all for the day, I was wrong. Right by my pillow were liquor chocolates and I could not resist eating one! It was a sweet way to end the day! Jaipur Marriott has an excellent cafe and bakery called the Jaipur Baking Company. All the chocolates and cookies to our rooms were supplied by them! It is headed by Chef Anil Dutt. He again was very kind and shared numerous stories about his days as a chef. He even told me about the time, when at the beginning of his career he burnt 6 trays of cookies!

Food at Jaipur Marriott
Food at Jaipur Marriott

After a good night’s sleep it was tome for a sumptuous breakfast again. Once again the spread is huge. Jalebis and the South Indian counters were my hot favorites. I was told that the puri and sabzi was also divine but then if I ate all that I would have gained 4 kgs! And if you think the post is going on and on about food, well that is what it is going to be!

Kullad Wali Chai
Kullad Wali Chai!

My absolute favorite at the breakfast was the Kullad Wali Chai! They also had masala chach in kullad too.

The Swimming Pool at the Jaipur Marriott
The Swimming Pool at the Jaipur Marriott

It was one of those heavy breakfasts that told me that I need to go and stretch my legs immediately. I ended up by the pool area. The weather had turned cold so I could not use the pool though. It is on the basement level, quite close to the gym and the spa. After this stroll we headed out to the city and turned back only after shopping to our heart’s content in the evening. The evening offered a foot reflexology session at the O2 spa again.

Our dinner for the night was held Saffron, the Indian specialty restaurant. The chef in-charge was Paramjeet Singh Oberoi. His signature dish was saffron paneer which was excellent, it would just melt away in the mouth! The restaurant opens at 7.00 pm and closes at mid night. It features live music too.

A Group Selfie
A Group Selfie by Sudeep Sharma (On Extreme Left)

I can’t remember last when I talked about food so much! At some point during the trip, I remembered that I went to Jaipur in 2010 last. I wonder how I let so much time pass without going to a city I love so much.

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39 thoughts on “A Memorable Stay at Jaipur Marriott”

  1. Wonderful pictures Mridula…have seen some of them on FB too 🙂 .. you people had a gala time … 😀

    1. Is it alcohol I am wondering? Well if it is I am way past legal drinking age 😀 And I know how to drink responsibly. Thank you so much for stopping by and liking the pictures.

  2. It seems like a great trip mridula but as you yourself have pointed out… the main flavour is yum yum 😛 and by the clicks and description of it it has certainly become a yummy post ! 🙂

  3. I want to know one thing- in the bath room, are they using different colours and symbols for the 3 bottles- shampoo, gel and moisturizer? Reportedly popular Kannada editor Vishveshwar Bhat gave the feedback that all bottles were in same colour and it was difficult to identify right one when in shower without spectacles… Marriot promised to replace the bottles with visually different colours and symbols.

    1. Shrinidhi, I didn’t really notice. I thought the products were distinct and I never had any confusion in finding out what I wanted. Going by that I feel they would have changed it and made it distinct.

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