The Khyber Gulmarg- If You are Looking for Luxury

By Mridula Dwivedi October 20, 2014 19 Comments ,

The Khyber Gulmarg is luxury in every way. I have now stayed with them twice and I felt thoroughly pampered on both (I was invited on the trips) the occasions. I was there in March 2013 and then in September 2014. On the recent trip one member of our team remarked- this looks like a luxury resort in European Alps.

The Khyber, Gulmarg
The Khyber, Gulmarg

As I have not stayed in a luxury resort in Alps, I cannot vouch, but then you get the general idea. This was the view from the balcony of my room. In March, the entire green area was white, as it was covered in snow.

Khyber, Gulmarg
Fruits at the Breakfast Table

There are things that have not changed since March 2013, like their excellent breakfast spread. They have much more beyond the fruit bowl, I am trying to encourage you to eat healthy by posting this photo. I personally love their South Indian spread.

The Heated Swimming Pool, Khyber, Gulmarg
The Heated Swimming Pool, Khyber, Gulmarg

But if you indulged in food right from the breakfast, do work it off in the all weather heated swimming pool. I managed to take a quick dip and then indulge in the Jacuzzi. This is a new addition, the swimming pool was being constructed in 2013. Two other additions are the spa and the gym. I have tried the spa and it is amazing, I could not check out the gym though.

Kashmiri Food
Kashmiri Food

The Khyber does excellent Kashmiri food. I love their nadru (lotus stem) but I am told that I miss out on a lot of good stuff by being a vegetarian. The saag and the paneer were also excellent. So, in relation to the food, the gym and the swimming pool are excellent additions, the guests need them!

My Room at the Khyber, Gulmarg
My Room at the Khyber, Gulmarg

This was my room at the Khyber and it was lovely. The rooms are heated. My March visit was pleasant in large measures because my room was heated. Otherwise it was way too cold. So, if you are looking for luxury in Gulmarg, you know where to go.

However, in September 2014, J&K was badly flooded. Even though Gulmarg was never affected and it is now ready to receive visitors, many would cancel the bookings and it is understandable. The resort is ready to receive visitors. The connecting roads are open. As I said when I visited Uttarakhand after the floods that if you wish to make a contribution, supporting tourism is one of the ways. Give it a thought.

19 thoughts on “The Khyber Gulmarg- If You are Looking for Luxury”

  1. everyone would pack their suitcase after visiting your blog. actually its a place of dreams of many visitors who want to see and want to know about Kashmir. Luxury is another thing , I always fascinated about the pictures.

  2. Awesome photographs Mridula… It indeed looks luxurious 🙂
    I am tempted to be there for a day!

    TC! Keep smiling 🙂

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