A Speed Boat Trip to Hong Island, Krabi with Sofitel

It is not every day that I have a luxury speed boat all to myself, well almost to myself! For accompanying me were 3 people, the driver of the speed boat, Salim and Nana, my beautiful host for the evening. Our destination was the Hong Island, Krabi. Sofitel Krabi had arranged this wonderful trip for me as a private excursion on their hotel speed boat.

Hong Island is a popular hop over from Krabi, Thailand. The island is a 10 minute ride from the Sofitel Hotel. The beach is right across the road. Long tail boats and shared speed boats are also available from various tour operators in Krabi.

Speed Boat Ride to Hong Island
The Speed Boat Ride to Hong Island

We started in the late afternoon and by now due to my earlier speed boat transfers I knew this was going to be a lot of fun. I always sat on the deck on all my speed boat rides and this was no exception. As a result, I don’t have a tan, I actually have a sun burnt face now!

We were on the beautiful Hong Beach 10 minutes later. As it was late afternoon, the tourists were mostly going back. Nana told me that in high season the beach gets much more crowded. We tried to visit the lagoon but it was low tide so the speed boat could not enter it. But I did get a glimpse and it was beautiful.

On the beach Nana revealed that they had sparkling wine for me as well! Now that was luxury! But before that I went snorkeling. The bay was peaceful and I could spot some colorful fish and coral as well.

The Beautiful Hong Island, Krabi, Thailand
The Beautiful Hong Island, Krabi, Thailand

I sat down next to Nana after snorkeling and we indulged in some girl talk! Before coming to Sofitel, she was working in Bali! Then she asked if I wold like to go kayaking with Salim, her colleague.

Kayaking at Hong Island, Krabi
Kayaking at Hong Island, Krabi

I was quite willing to do so. Salim told me to just do the photography and leave the paddling to him! I reluctantly agreed, after all he understood the conditions better. We did a short round and I was back to the beach.

With my Beautiful Host, Nana from Sofitel
With my Beautiful Host, Nana from Sofitel

It was now time for some sparkling wine with canapes. It was the perfect end to a wonderful evening.

Many thanks to TAT New Delhi and Sofitel Krabi for offering me this incredible luxury! I was told that the cost of the private trip to Hong Island from Sofitel is 16,000 Baht.

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  1. Oh my Mridula ..you are so lucky to visit such places .. Reminded me of alot of Hollywood Bollywood films .. Amazing pics and I love the Hong Island ..


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