Pak Khlong Talat- Bangkok’s Biggest Flower Market

Pak Khlong Talat is Bangkok’s biggest flower market. It is a riot of colors, the fragrances float through the street and it is a photographer’s delight. I visited the market at night. The shots are taken with XperiaZ3 or Canon550D.

Flower Market, Bangkok
Orchids by the Road, Flower Market, Bangkok #Canon550D

The market is located on the Chak Phet Road and it is a 24 hour market! The stalls are on both the sides of the street. After a while I was so engrossed in flowers and the scents that I completely forgot the traffic.

Pak Khlog Talat Flower Market, Bangkok
Lotus Basket, Pak Khlog Talat Flower Market, Bangkok #Canon550D

Lotus grows very commonly across Thailand. I have seen it growing in water pots, in tanks, in water bodies, literally growing like weeds! It is also offered at all Buddhist temples. Almost every hotel will have some lotus arrangement on its premises.

Pretty in Purple
Pretty in Purple #XperiaZ3

Pak Khlong Talat is both a wholesale and retail market. Even at night the business was brisk. The customers were mostly locals. You could find an odd awestruck tourist like me going crazy with taking pictures, but mostly it were the locals who were buying the flowers for their homes, as gifts or as offerings.

Marigold Flowers, Bangkok Flower Market
Marigold Flowers, Bangkok Flower Market #Canon550D

Jasmine, crown flower and marigold scents got mixed in the air and they completely overpowered any traffic fumes that tried to stay put and struggle with the flowers. Marigolds were sold in huge numbers.

A Pickup Truck Full of Marigolds
A Pickup Truck Full of Marigolds #XperiaZ3

There were whole pickup trucks decked in marigold. When I pointed my cell phone at the boy he nodded yes and like a pro looked away from the camera!

Big Bunches of Roses
Big Bunches of Roses #XperiaZ3

As I am quite a big fan of clicking screen full of stuff I absolutely went berserk doing just that. There were these fat bunch of roses piled up in rows. And they came in many colors too.

Pretty Roses
Pretty Roses #Canon550D

As this is a wholesale market, the prices were mouthwatering as well. A big bunch of roses was priced at 100 Baht (200 rupees) and the bunch surely had more than 50 flowers! Smaller bunches of different flowers were available for 10 or 20 Baht as well.

Flower Market, Bangkok
Flower Market, Bangkok #XperiaZ3

As the walking path was narrow, it was quite easy for me to get entangled into others feet, as I was not willing to look away from my camera! But an average person in Thailand is very polite and they tolerated me with a lot of patience! Not a single shop owner ever objected to my picture taking frenzy!

A Pretty Bunch of Chrysanthemums
A Pretty Bunch of Chrysanthemums #XperiaZ3

My guide was a little puzzled as to why was I taking so many pictures? I told him I took so many because I was not sure of which one would come out well! When I showed him this picture he also took out his phone and clicked one!

Even after walking through both the sides, I was quite reluctant to go back to the hotel. But then it was already late in the night and I had to drag myself back to the car just after one round. Whenever I head back to Bangkok, I would try to go back to the Pak Khlong Talat flower market again!

I was invited by TAT New Delhi to Visit Thailand and I am indeed thankful for the opportunity to visit Thailand again!

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  1. OMG! My first reaction was beautiful and splendid.. and second – how it is to live amid such beauty and glory of blooms……….. May be I will ide of happiness and that’s why God has bestowed it and me in limited measures 🙂 Beautiful post and lovely pics Mridula- as always… No wonder your guide was perplexed 🙂

  2. Hi Mridula, awesome blog…
    I would love to know what do u do for living? I mean it must be great to be in a job where you can travel so much..


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