Screen Full of Stuff!

Screen full of stuff, that is how I describe these pictures! They are easy to take and a feast for the eyes. Also you will find them easily in our markets. So, without further delay, here is my screen full of stuff!

10. Cats, Dilli Haat

If you live in Delhi/NCR and if you ever wish to go to a colorful place to take pictures, look no further than Dilli Haat. The food is great and the stalls keep changing, so you get new colorful, screen full of things to click.

9. Hydrangeas at Lancaster, UK

A Screen Full of Hydrangeas #SamsungST70

Hydrangeas grow quite commonly in the Indian Himalayas too. But there was something about these from the Lancaster University, UK that made me pause. They were growing so tightly that nothing but the flowers could be scene. Such scenarios make for the best screen full pictures!

8. Bangles from Pragpur, Himachal Pradesh

A Screen Full of Bangles #lumia1020

Pragpur is a small place in Himachal Pradesh where I stayed at the Judge’s Court. The place has a delightful tiny little market and these bangles were on display in one of the shops.

7. Pink Eggs, Aranyaprathyat Border Market, Thailand

Pink Eggs
A Screen Full of Pink Eggs #canon550D

The pink eggs were such a delight! I spotted them at the Thailand Cambodia border market of Aranyaprathyat. They are black from inside, they taste quite good. The pink color is due to some preservation process. What a delight they were to watch!

6. Colorful Threads, Dilli Haat

Colorful Threads
A Screen Full of Colorful Threads #panasoniclumixdmc

You must have noticed how well the hawkers present their stuff. While my daughter Chhavi was getting a colorful thread weaved through her hairs, I was happy clicking the spread!

5. Floral Arrangement, Fort Kochi

A Screen Full of Flowers #canon550D

This beautiful floral arrangement was displayed at the restaurant of the Fort House Hotel. I simply loved it. I saw a girl arranging these flowers one morning. I complimented her and she said she noticed me clicking them the previous day as well, so she knew I liked them!

4. Pretty Umbrellas, Bangkok

Thai Umbrellas
A Screen Full of Thai Umbrellas #lumia1020

Thailand is my most visited country after UK. I have been to UK 5 times and to Thailand 3 times. I enjoy visiting both the countries a lot. I spotted these beautiful umbrellas in an exhibition cum sale at Bangkok. Next time, I am going to buy one for my daughter!

3. Roses at Palio, Khao Yai, Thailand

A Screen Full of Roses #lumia1020

Alas they were artificial, yet the roses look so pretty. Would you be able to tell if I do not mention that they are artificial? One day I hope I will manage to click a bunch as big as this of natural roses.

2. Mirchi Market, Raipur, Rajasthan

Red Chillies
A Screen Full of Red Chilies #canon550D

When I visited the Chili Market at Raipur near Lakshman Sagar, I was quite impressed. Even now when I look at the photo I can almost smell the chilies. When I visited the place, it was just the start of the season and hence this small patch!

1. Apples and Oranges, Chennai

Apples and Oranges
A Screen Full of Apples and Oranges #NokiaX7

Well, we may not be able to compare apples and oranges but stacked next to each other neatly in a local shop in Chennai, they made for a beautiful picture for sure! Simple things actually make for such delightful pictures!

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20 thoughts on “Screen Full of Stuff!”

  1. Pink Eggs – The favorite. And a day dream – What if this image as background theme. Thanks for sharing colorful images. They are good good good.

  2. I love them all and had tried this fill the frame technique myself a few times… always makes for interesting picture…..But first time I saw apples to oranges comparison like this..

  3. simply amazing. in the last picture , apple and orange stuff is looking a nice drawing sketch , practiced by a cute artist.

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