Mist at Gulmarg

By Mridula Dwivedi September 12, 2014 28 Comments , ,

I am not a big fan of rainy weather. I absolutely detest it if I have to commute through rains. If you live in Gurgaon you know what it means generally. Before traveling to Gulmarg, I checked out the weather forecast and I was not thrilled at all. It predicted rain and then some more for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Mist at Gulmarg, Kashmir
Mist at Gulmarg, Kashmir

True to the form when I reached Gulmarg, it was raining. I was staying at The Khyber (on invitation) and the property can be a destination in itself. I didn’t mind the rains on Friday as I was anyway tired. I have stayed there in March 2013 as well. I knew if the mist cleared up, there were tall mountains hiding behind it. But the mist just refused to budge!

More Mist at Gulmarg, Kashmir
More Mist at Gulmarg, Kashmir

Day two brought more of the same. It kept raining throughout. Gondola rides were canceled. We eventually went out in the rain around Gulmarg. I have trekked in rains but this was different. When you trek, you have to reach the other place, and only then you get to rest. However, in Gulmarg we had two vehicles at our disposal and we were just a short distance away from the resort. I could get out of the rain whenever I wanted.

I have to say there is something about the rains if you have to take it in short doses. Since I have usually faced it on a trek, I never became a fan. This time when I just started enjoying the rains a little bit, I almost got caught in the Kashmir FloodsI had seen a lot of flood pictures but I never saw it with my eyes. What I saw this time has left me shaken. Nothing comes close to the fury of nature.

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28 thoughts on “Mist at Gulmarg”

  1. Mridula…u were at the Khyber….. It’s amazing I have heard…
    Have u ever taken the gondola stage 2? I couldn’t do it when I was there.

    The captures are good but what’s better is u came back safe!

    1. Neha yes I was at Khyber, was invited to visit. When I went in March 2013 I could go to level 2. And yes I was extremely lucky that I got out before phone lines went down or my family would have freaked out.

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