Gulmarg on a Rainy Day

It has been difficult to write about Kashmir. I barely manged to get out before the floods. What I saw on the roads left me shaken. And yet Gulmarg on a rainy day was beautiful. The water has receded and the state will now face different set of problems. One of it would be mass cancellation of vacation bookings. I have faced a somewhat similar situation in Uttarakhand, but I was going visiting after the floods. I am of the view that as soon as a place is ready to support tourism, it would be a good deed to visit it rather than canceling the trip! Now that the worst of the floods in Srinagar are behind us, I am going to write about Gulmarg without guilt. Before I do that, let me put another record straight, as a rule I am not a big fan of rains.

Gulamarg, Kashmir
Gulamar on a Rainy Day! #canon550D

I understand the necessity of the rains in the eco-system otherwise I would have tried to banish them. All they lead to is water logging and traffic jams and make my life miserable. For me rains on a normal day mean only traffic jams. I like them somewhat over the weekends though, when I don’t have to commute. I like rains after the scorching summers of Delhi/NCR. But that is it, any other time I don’t like them, on a balance I don’t like them. And in Gulmarg all we got was rains!

A Stream at Gulmarg
A Stream at Gulmarg #canon550D

After being cooped inside for a day at The Khyber, we decided to venture out in the rains. Being cooped inside The Khyber was not such a bad idea because of the spa and the heated swimming pool but none the less, it was still being cooped inside which is never too good a thing. When we got got, I agree the greens were extra green in the rains but then the sky was also extra grey which ruins all the pictures.

The Golf Course at Gulmarg
The Golf Course at Gulmarg #canon550D

It was fun trying to hold an umbrella and ย click pictures. After all, neither the cell phone, nor my precious, my SLR, like water! And even though every flower was drenched with water, I am not too good with macro photography! So instead of looking beautiful, it felt if as they were mocking me!

An Empty Gulmarg
Beautiful Gulmarg #canon550D

However, there was one advantage of being out in rains, other than our group there was no one out there, we had almost the whole city to us. Otherwise, I can imagine the same scene full of people with half of them taking a selfie, sitting on that bench!

Wild Flowers at Gulmarg
Wild Flowers at Gulmarg #lumia1020

Given a choice will I take Gulmarg with rains or without rains? I would any day choose it without rains! Without the rains I could see the mountains which were just not visible otherwise. Without them I could easily take a walk. And without the excessive rains there would have been no flood.

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29 thoughts on “Gulmarg on a Rainy Day”

  1. Great shots and a well written piece and loved the part about banishing the rain if not for eco-system. Though i personally love rains, i hated it today. Rained for 3 hours in Bangalore today evening and it led to complete chaos with fallen trees, people breaking all possible rules, destroying the dividers to get to the less crowded wrong side.. .. so ya.. rain with a poor infrastructure is not after all so much fun. I also also liked it that you did not cancel your trip and went ahead with it, the place does need all the help to get back to its feet #respect

    • Thank you so much. I did go to Uttarakhand after the floods but this time I was there before them and got out barely in time. I wish people will reconsider there decision to cancel!

  2. One of it would be mass cancellation of vacation bookings. Exactly . and It will not only for this season but onward also, as we seen in Uttarakhand that people are not heading towards Uttarakhand even after one year . They are feared . and this will really be a loss for this Industry of Tourism. Gulmarg is a great place and u too producing a great work in the form of ur post.

  3. Yay..This is the first time I”m commenting on your new home…err site.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Wonderful photos… and you know I love rain and clouds and petrichor…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I am a rain lover tooโ€ฆ but agree commuting in the rains is a nightmare, especially if you have to walk! Lovely photosโ€ฆ the grey skies look beautiful in your pictures! ๐Ÿ™‚


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