Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong

After a light Indian snacks and chai we started out evening tour at the Tower Clock, close toΒ Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong. There was a small park which looked like a kid’s play area but it was under maintenance. Of course, Chhavi wanted to go there. I had to convince them that even though it was possible to jump over the fence it was not done, they could see there was no one in that area. Then I dragged them to the Victoria Harbor.

My Brats at the Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong
My Brats (also known as Double Trouble) at the Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong #Canon550D

For about five minutes they were speechless and just looked at the view. Then they started. They wanted to jump into the water from the pier. The elder one Vasu also declared, that after all she knew how to swim! With such ideas being floated around me, photography took a very severe beating. It was sunset time but I couldn’t even locate where the sunset was, at least not properly. I could see the general direction of the sunset and others going at it with their tripods. I hurriedly clicked two-three pictures but none of them are going to make it to the blog! Kids and sunsets don’t mix well, not in my case for sure! The brats also refuse most of the times to get clicked. So while they were engrossed in looking at the view, I decided to click a few pictures.

A Ship at the Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong
A Ship at the Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong #Lumia1020

Then my niece pointed out this ship to me, “Look masi a pirate ship!” It was well spotted, I have to say. It served as the foreground for my subsequent photographs! But with kids jumping around and so much water everywhere to fall into, my attention was more on them than on photography. All of us were quite happy to walk around and then later take a ferry to the tram station for visiting ‘The Peak’. It was a beautiful evening, our first in Hong Kong. I hope there are going to be many more trips in the future with my double troubles!

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  1. Ha ha tell me about the bad combination of kids and photography! We were in Kudal recently – a beautiful village in Maharashtra. There were magnificent hornbills circling above us and they even sat on trees giving us the opportunity to click them… but between my daughter, the low light and changing lenses, I didn’t even get a blog worthy shot! πŸ™


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