Me, Me and More Me!

By Mridula Dwivedi August 10, 2014 33 Comments , , ,

I am quite averse to getting clicked. There have been a few exceptions to this rule but quite few and far between. However, when I visited the 3D Art Gallery at the Venezia Cha Am near Hua Hin I behaved in such an uncharacteristic way! You see it was so much fun.

3D Art Gallery at the Venezia, Cha Am, Thailand
3D Art Gallery at the Venezia, Cha Am, Thailand #Lumia1020

There are more than 60 paintings that you can fool around with! I have to admit, I started reluctantly. Initially I was not sure what was the point. But after a few minutes I completely lost it. I play acted, sounds more apt in Hindi, I did so much Nautanki! 

Venezia Cha Am, Thailand
What is the Point? #Canon550D

The Mummy and I, both were left wondering what was the point. When I could not think of a pose to strike, the fellow travelers would suggest something! It was surprising how much I got caught in the fun, I mean me, a professor by my day job and all that!

A Field of Fire
Ek Aag Ka Dariya Hai! #Lumia1020

So within the short span of one hour, I went through eak aag dariya (a filed of fire) as well! The trouble was I just could not quit laughing. You should have seen the entire media and travel agent group going berserk in this gallery!

Partners in Crime
Partners in Crime #Lumia1020

The biggest partners in crime were fellow blogegrs (right to left) Anil Yadav, Rohan Singh, Gaurav Bhan Bhatnagar and Tarun Gaur. We took so many pictures of each-other that it is difficult to remember who clicked what! This one was clicked by our guide Joey who was very fond of saying chalo chalo (let us go) when he wanted us to move and his pleas in English were falling on deaf ears!

Tat New Delhi- My Genie to Thailand!
Tat New Delhi- My Genie to Thailand! #Lumia1020

This was my third trip to Thailand with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, my second with TAT New Delhi. A big thank you to them for being my genie to Thailand, a place I have enjoyed like no other!


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