Victoria Harbor as Viewed from the Peak

Photography takes a back seat when you are traveling with two kids. And the kids are like pieces of luggage but with wheels that are slightly out of control. The trip to Hong Kong is going by in a flash! I

We did the tour of the Victoria Harbor and The Peak on the same day we arrived in Hong Kong. And we came back quite late at night. I was wondering throughout if the kids would get quite cranky. But my fears were quite unfounded, the kids lasted into the night and they lasted well!

Chhavi did sleep for sometime on the bus ride back to the hotel I thought she would sleep through the journey but it was not the case. She woke up and the two friends started chatting again in no time. They enjoyed the experience of taking a ferry to go to The Peak Hong Kong. We took a tram to The Peak. I don’t know if it was because of the school holidays or not but the ride was crowded, really crowded, crowded as in giving a run for money to any crowded places in India. OK probably we could not compare to a Mumbai Local Train but anything else can stand in competition.

People would queue up in Hong Kong as a rule. But not on the tram to the peak. There was such a mad rush to board the train that people were climbing over each-other. Once the rush subsided we entered the tram and still found seats for us!

For me walking along the Victoria Harbor was the best experience. I wish I had more time. It was also very nice that the kids could enjoy the day, even though we arrived on the same morning.

It was not a lazy Sunday by any stretch of imagination. But here is a picture of the Central Harbor, Hong Kong, nonetheless.

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