The Royal View Hotel, Hong Kong

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I usually don’t bother much about hotels when I travel alone or if we are all adults. But with two kids in Hong Kong I was worried about everything. More so when both are brats and I was the only adult on the trip. I was going with Makemytrip and they booked me with the Royal View Hotel. I checked their reviews on Tripadvisor before leaving and my feeling was that we would do fine.

In between my booking the trip and traveling to Hong Kong I was invited by Makemytrip to travel to Bhutan. In Bhutan I mentioned that I have booked a trip with them to Hong Kong. Unknown to me they put in a word with the staff of the Royal View Hotel. So, when we arrived I was greeted by their sales manager Rita Leung. They had also upgraded my room to a double bedroom suite on the 11th floor. I got a cake and wishes from the manager of the hotel. Of course ,the kids loved the attention and the soft toys they got from Rita. To this day they miss her. So, first of all I have to say a big thank you to the Royal View Hotel and Makemytrip for making my kiddos first trip abroad so wonderful.

After the trip I realized that having a double bedroom suite was a big plus. That way kids had some space to play and call their own, whereas I too had a room to unwind. Of course they took the master bedroom and I had the kid’s room! Next time if my pocket can afford it, and I am traveling alone with the kids, I would go ahead and book a double bedroom suite!

The Royal View Hotel, Hong Kong
The Royal View Hotel, Hong Kong

Location: The hotel is located on the Castle Peak Road which is about 20 minutes from Disneyland. As the main focus of my trip main was Disneyland, it suited my purpose. The hotel shuttle takes you to Tsuen Wan which connects you to the metro. They charge 10 HK dollars per person for the round trip on the shuttle. Tsuen Wan has a big shopping mall as well which we explored on one occasion. This area is otherwise far away from the Victoria Harbor.

The Master Bedroom
The Master Bedroom

My Room: The double bedroom suite was huge. It was amply supplied with tea. The bathroom had a good shower and ample amenities. We had a balcony too. The house keeping staff was prompt in making my room. The hotel has about 688 rooms. As it was summer vacation time in Hong Kong the hotel was full.

The Breakfast: The hotel provides complimentary breakfast to the guests (at least that was my deal) and they have a decent spread which had continental, and Chinese. My tip to you is to avoid 9.00 am if the hotel is full. We went here at 9.00 am on one day and we had to wait to find a seat. Whereas we went at 9.40 am twice and we were fine. The breakfast was up to 10.30 am when I was staying there.

The Swimming Pool
The Swimming Pool

The Swimming Pool: The hotel has a big swimming pool where the kids had a great time. When they would let me swim I too enjoyed it. But as Chhavi doesn’t know how to swim as of now, she would continuously demand my attention. Vasu can swim well and would be mostly on her own! The pool was fairly large, you could see people seriously doing their laps. There was an indoor Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room attached to the pool area.

The Lido Beach, Hong Kong
The Lido Beach, Hong Kong

The Lido Beach: The Lido Beach is walking distance from the hotel. Even the kids could walk to it easily. After playing for hours, they could walk back without any trouble as well. There is another beach close by but we would never find time to check it out.

While the Kids were Asleep!
They Don’t Look Like Double Trouble when they Sleep!

Other Amenities: The hotel as a spa and a gym as well but I could not sue it as I was too busy managing double trouble. The good bit was that mostly they would get so tired by the end of the day that they would fall asleep quite early!

Royal View Hotel, Hong Kong
The Royal View from my Room!

The Royal View: Since the kids would fall asleep early, I could take out my tripod and play! This was the night view from my balcony. It was indeed a royal view! I would take a cup of tea out there and watch the lights while the kids were sound asleep!

Overall, for my needs the hotel worked out perfectly well. A big thank you to the hotel staff, to Makemytrip and particularly to Rita Leung for making my kids so happy!


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