Smiles at Grand Palace, Bangkok

By Mridula Dwivedi August 3, 2014 24 Comments , ,

In all my trips to Thailand, I have been to Grand Palace just once. I actually need to do a detailed post about it, rather than this quick one, but that will have to wait as this one is being uploaded from the airport.

I am a complete chicken when it comes to photographing people. In the recent months I have realized that people pay you less attention if you click them using a mobile phone. However, this shot was taken using my DLSR.

I think two things worked in my favor. I was already standing at this spot and playing around with my camera. The smiling girl arrived after me. She is also not smiling for me, it is her friend who is also clicking her picture, with her cell phone. I was simply crashing her party.

 Grand Palace, Bangkok
A Smiling Girl at the Grand Palace, Bangkok

I have said before that I click people only when I am using the zoom lens. This was an exception. I clicked this one using the 50 mm prime. once again I guess was possible because I was already on the scene and the girl was not paying attention to me. I was already part of the scenery, I was already fooling around with my camera. Maybe this could be a new trick in my arsenal! And I could use the 50 mm prime after all for clicking people!

I wonder if I could ever become comfortable clicking people? Who knows I may, after all some time ago I would not click almost any photos which had people in it!

This Lazy Sunday post is being uploaded from T3! I leave you with a smiling girl at the Grand Palace, Bangkok while I fly out to Paro, Bhutan with Makemytrip. Not sure if I can blog live or not.


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