Heading out to Hong Kong with Two Brats!

It is time to head out to Hong Kong with children, my daughter and my niece (my sister’s daughter), better known as Brat 3 and Brat 4. Brat 4 is my daughter by the way, she is the youngest of the lot. If you are wondering about Brat 1 and 2, they are my nephews and this brattiness is assigned simply in a chronological order!

This is a personal trip that I booked with Make My Trip long before they invited me for Bhutan. With two young kids (brats actually) I chickened out and did a package! Everyone else in the family is wise, they simply stayed away from handling the two packets of dynamites but what to do … meine tou aab okhli mein sir daal diya hai …. Hong Kong was the destination of choice because of the Disneyland and the age of the kids! I hope traveling will not turn them simply into bigger brats!

It was a particular type of war this time, I could not even blog for a few days before leaving the station, I had so much work to finish. Then as usual the packing is not complete but this time my sister offered that she will complete my packing. Now that is why sisters are priceless!

I have never felt more uncertain before the start of a trip, I mean traveling with two kids is no joke. I hope they will not turn all my hairs grey! Depending on the outcome of this trip, I may plan to travel more with both the brats! Now that has to be offered as a carrot to them, that and keeping their stomachs full all the time.

I am sure both of them would like to have the window seat. If they fight too much, I will simply take the window seat! On that note I close this post. And I promise that once I come back there will be a lot of updates from my three recent trips, Thailand, Bhutan and of course Hong Kong.

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    • I did the whole package Tushar and not just the tickets. Every time I just the tickets they came around 30K for return. In a package it was not so expensive considering we were 3 people.


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