Lazy Sunday Photo- A Glowing Leaf, Backyard Photography

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After a very long time I took out my camera at home. I tried my hands at various things by doing some backyard photography. In the end I was most happy with this lonely leaf glowing in the sunlight. It was back lit. The realization for today was that a clean background makes a lot of difference to everyday pictures. I read it countless times, but putting it to practice really drove the message home.

My interest in photography grew slowly. I gradually got hooked to it though. But then I take too few pictures on a daily basis and I take too few with thoughtfulness at all. Most of the trips I do are rushed affairs as well. What to do, with a full time job and all. I do try to remind myself often that the daily job is what provides for the trips to Maldives and Hong Kong!


A Lonely Leaf

So on weekends I try to take my camera out, even if it is in my backyard. Sometimes I have been surprised as to what you can capture even in your humble backyard. The only trouble as of now is that I am not consistent. After commuting 60 kilometers every day for 5 days a week, I simply like to crash on my many weekends. The other weekends I try to put at least 300-400 kilometers between NCR and me.

I have seen countless stunning pictures of everyday things, that should be my inspiration. I envy people who find inspiration in colored pencils and a sliced apple! After all I could not be out there looking at stunning landscapes every day of my life, at least not yet. So, I guess the writing on the wall is to develop backyard and everyday photography!

Hope you guys also had a great weekend!

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