Are you a Foodie?

Is food the high point of your travels? In spite of traveling a fair bit, I am almost never excited about food. I squarely blame it on the mess food of the hostels I stayed in. I mean how about a lizard in the omelette? Also, I guess being a vegetarian plays a role. In South Africa some people would joke that there was ample grass all around for us, so they were not bothered about feeding us!  But there is an advantage of not being a foodie. I can eat any vegetarian stuff, plus eggs, I hardly ever get upset about food. But then this post is about food, good food, food from Thailand.

Noodles and Egg
Make Your Own Noodle Soup

I actually like trying local food, the trouble is it is often non-veg in many parts of the world. When I found a soup counter at the Ramada Plaza, Menam Riverside in Bangkok, I did give it a try. I mixed the soup, noodles and the eggs and it worked out quite well. But such occasions when I get to experiment with local food are rare.

Sea Food
Nice Looking Sea Food

I could click this colorful looking sea food but I would not try it. I have liked prawns a few times I went near them. I can actually eat fish in small quantities but if I was asked to finish a dish, I would not be able to.


Most of the hotels have large dessert spreads (Ramada Plaza, Bangkok, was no exception) that usually is my undoing. There was a time when I would load my plate and think nothing about it. Sadly gone are those days. I hardly get any exercise, so I have to be careful about the desserts I eat! Not that it has made any difference to my weight!

Cakes are a Delight!

I am really fond of cakes and pastries. Indian sweets rank even higher. But I only clicked this excellent looking cake. I stayed away from eating it. But the weighing machine tells me it really serves no purpose!

Cheese Cakes
I Swear by Cheese Cakes

Well instead of the cake I polished off the cheese cake, I at least ate half of it, OK if not half of it, it felt like the half of it. It seems the only food I want to talk about is sweet, the desserts. Is there a name for people who are not foodies but feel that a single dessert can completely change the complexion of a day?

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32 thoughts on “Are you a Foodie?”

  1. God I’m so hungry now!!And it’s past midnight! Have to admit food is always a highpoint during our travels and we are die hard non veg lovers!! 😉

  2. These pics r so tempting! Whenever I am on a holiday, the hotels n resorts don’t really make me happy…its the local food in a local setting which steals the show! And the best part…those places aren’t crowded since most people either don’t know about them, or r too skeptical as they aren’t in a v presentable setting.

  3. I just love desserts. These pictures bring sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day in Bangalore. Belgium is one of the best countries in Europe to experience the same.

    • Roohi I guess with traveling came the slight change in attitude not that I was ever rigid. Some of my family members are non-vegetarians.

  4. Lovely post and yummy captures 🙂 I’m a foodie and have a big sweet tooth 🙂 I love to explore local food specialties while travelling 🙂 Loved sea food and cake photos the most 🙂

  5. Yup, sometimes you feel cheated if you are vegeterian, and then there is mann ki awaaz (your inner voice) cursing them, why they can’t use Paneer to make some veg alternative. But then, you can’t have paneer except india and other south east asian countries. 🙂

    • Hemu I am happy to try local vegetarian dishes, I have no issues. I do not crave for Indian food on short trips. But yes being vegetarian limits the choice. But it is becoming better. I remember my trips in early 2000 and how expensive vegetarian food was in some of the European cities! 😀

  6. you are right. there is not much to try out in local cuisines for vegetarian people. there is another problem while ordering food in non-English countries (like China/Korea), since you do not know the language, if someone local is not accompanying you, its really hard to communicate to them what you want.
    but none the less you do get some really good local vegetarian dishes, IF YOU ARE LUCKY :). i remember having some good food at dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong. in US also i enjoy eating food at some Thai/dim-sum/Sushi restaurants, which have not many but really good vegetarian choices.

  7. and oh yah, that cheese cake looks really yummy and heavy on calorie count. i guess that’s what definition of a cheese cake is !!!


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