A Pipal Tree, A River and a Bit of Sky

By Mridula Dwivedi July 4, 2014 22 Comments , , , ,

Last week I did a one night trip to Pragpur in Himachal Pradesh which was on invitation from WelcomeHeritage Judge’s Court. And it was not them who wanted me to stay there for one night. The time constraint was from my side, a fact which I am already regretting. We went sightseeing around Pragpur on both the days, the day I arrived and the next day when we left. It was a hot day when we arrived. While visiting the temples at Chanaur and Dadasiba out cab driver and owner Mr Atul pointed out the Beas river to us as well. Along with Pragpur and Garli both Chanaur and Dadasiba are a delight for people interested in heritage, architecture and paintings. But that is a story for another day. This story is about the giant pipal tree near Dadasiba.

After the temple visits Atul stopped at a crossing and asked a villager how could we go closer to the river. He pointed out a narrow road, and there we were, close to the Beas river. The giant Pipal tree was an added bonus for me. I was willing to look at the hot sky only through its cool shade!

Dadasiba, Himachal Pradesh
A Giant Pipal Tree by the Beas River near Dadasiba, Himachal Pradesh #canon550D

Try as I might, I could not capture the whole tree in one frame. It had a small chabutra (platform) around it. I too decided to sit in its shade while Pooja (from WelcomeHeritage) decided to take a walk up to the river. Everyone removed their footwear before going on theย chabutraย and I did the same.ย One of the menfolks asked me if we were locals? When I said no, he said hardly anyone else comes to this place. They came because it was a hot day and it was cooler under the tree close to the river.

Bear River, Dadasiba, Himachal Pradesh
Bear River, Dadasiba, Himachal Pradesh #Lumia1020

I too would have walked by the river but the sun was way too hot. Also at that time of the day I did not see what would I gain photography wise by going close to the river. But in the end it was the sun that the magnificent tree that made me stay put.

Sun Rays on the Pipal Tree!
Sun Rays on the Pipal Tree! #canon550D

Guess what? I was very tempted to write ‘sun rays were playing with the pipal leaves’. But was it the sun rays that were playing or was it I who was playing with my camera with aperture set at f22 so that I could capture this effect! I may have said it at least three times before in this short post by now, but let me say it once more, I was quite awestruck with this majestic pipal tree.

children playing cards
Playing Cards #Lumia1020

The kids were certainly curious about my camera but they were too shy to ask me anything about it. It was only when their elders talked to me that they timidly asked if I would take a picture of them! I was ever happy to oblige!


22 thoughts on “A Pipal Tree, A River and a Bit of Sky”

  1. You have captured the pic perfectly and I see a man leaning forward (not exactly) like Michal Jackson :-).

    The third photo again catches our eyes as you have captured the sun beautifully. I too like to click the photo’s like these.

    Well done. Keep it up.

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