Star Struck at Batal, Spiti, india

By Mridula Dwivedi July 20, 2014 25 Comments , , , , , ,

I was star struck, no literally, this time at Batal in Spiti region of Himachal Pradesh. You might have noticed that I vanished for a week, the plan was to visit Chandratal, the stunningly beautiful lake close to Batal. I managed to reach the lake this time though the blue skies eluded me. However, at Batal, for a brief period the weather gods were kind to me. They lit the sky with a million stars! I was so thrilled that I did not leave my tripod behind!

Night Sky at Batal, Spiti
Night Sky at Batal, Spiti

This is what I could capture and I have to say for novice at night photography, I am happy with it. Also it was not so cold that I would freeze to death when I stayed out. I do not enjoy freezing to death on cold nights at all. A good down jacket and I was fine outdoors. In fact, I actually enjoyed staying out and turned in only when clouds covered the sky.

tent batal
A Tent and the Night Sky at Batal, Spiti

No accommodation can beat staying in a tent under a starry sky, at least for me. There would have been a moon rise at some point but then the clouds obscured it! Though, I am not complaining at all.

We went in a jeep up to Batal. There is actually a jeep route all the way to Chandratal but on the day we were going the road was closed. I am probably happier that we walked about 14 km in the stunningly beautiful region. The very next day while coming back, the jeep could come in 9 km ahead as they were repairing the road.

I am really happy that I managed to sneak out to the mountains in the end. It always leaves me a much happier person. So, tomorrow while driving if I demonstrate more patience you know why!

I trekked with Rama Kant Sharma who is a responsible trekking guide and family friend as well. I will leave you today with the pictures but of course the tales will follow.


25 thoughts on “Star Struck at Batal, Spiti, india”

  1. Beautiful views and well captured.
    Mridula, this is a common view from my home in Himachal and now I appreciate it better. Whenever I visit my parents, we try to spend some time on the roof-top to witness these beautiful views.

    1. VJ we do appreciate it when we no longer have it I guess? Great that you can see this often at your parents place!

  2. I have never seen such beautiful starry night in my life. And also, I don’t know how you arrange to stay in tent at such a secluded place.
    Will definitely need your no. someday to involve you in planning for next trip..

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