The Mountains are Calling

By Mridula Dwivedi July 11, 2014 42 Comments ,

It is that time of the year when I head out to mountains. Usually I take two weeks off and go trekking. But this year it was not meant to be. I am just taking one week off and I am not trekking. The original plan was to take two weeks off but then I got invited again to one of my favorite destinations so I had to cut short the trekking plan. But then I am heading to the mountains for one whole week and if everything goes according to the plan, I travel again after a few days of coming back. I have actually no reason to crib!

Mountains Calling
Mountains Calling #canon550D

So while Delhi/NCR is once again sweltering at 41 degree Celsius; tomorrow I head out again to the exact same place you see in the picture above. There are plans to go beyond, places that are even more beautiful  but I will take it slowly, one at a time.

I have noticed a new thing about myself. After about 15 days I start getting stark and raving mad at the traffic I commute through. Usually after 15 days I have been off on a trip and I can bear the traffic, for about two days once I come back and then it starts driving me mad again. This time it has been about 15 days in the city. I am happy to leave behind the traffic, the pollution and the chaos. This beastly traffic is one thing that I mind most about my existence. And as I type this, I feel I should be really grateful if the beastly traffic is the number 1 botheration in my life these days!

So then folks, time to head out to cooler climates, this time on a personal vacation. My elder nephew would be joining me a few days after and lucky guy, he will go trekking.


42 thoughts on “The Mountains are Calling”

  1. Is there anything prettier than the sight of snow capped mountains reflecting the sun rays ? I think not. Awesome click. I wish to retire near mountains too. Lets see how that works out 😛

  2. Beautiful pic. Enjoy your trip to these amazing mountains.
    Delhi also got a respite just now ! Rain God took pity on us and sent some rain and cool breeze 🙂

  3. Love those mountains.
    Yes the traffic really gets you and I don’t see the reason why each one has to get his/her car out to go to work.

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