Lazy Sunday Photo- A Sparrow at Dal Lake

I am so very fond of bird photography. It is just that I am not fond of getting up early in the morning with the sun and the birds. And the birds like to giveΒ ‘darshan’Β (audience) either early in the morning or in the evening.Β This time at Srinagar I did manage to wake up early morning on day 2 of the trip, to visit the floating vegetable market at Dal Lake.

And that day I managed to click some birds too. So, for this lazy Sunday I bring you a sparrow at Dal Lake playing among the lotus leafs. If you ask me, it is mandatory to get up early one morning while you stay at the Dal Lake. The character of the lake is quite different early morning.

A Sparrow at Dal Lake
A Sparrow at Dal Lake

The early morning sun gives the lake a glow. It should have been a golden glow but there were too many clouds. But there was a glow none the less. In the mornings, the lake is less crowded. The trade and tourist traffic picks up as the day becomes old. It is much more serene in the mornings. You can stand in the cool breeze and take it slow, preferably with a cup of kahwa.

Then there are the food and flower shikaras gliding through the waters early in the morning. They sell flowers to tourists and house boats. Similarly the foo shikaras sell breakfast to tourists who are up and about at that hour. I regret that I did not try any foodstuff from the shikaras. They go from house boat to house boat in the morning hours.

An added bonus was watching the birds as well. There was a time when I clicked a lot of birds, not of late. Time to try and get up early at least on one morning of each trip!

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