Lazy Sunday Fruits from Madaba

To me Madaba in Jordan felt like a small town. I spent only a few hours in the town so I cannot be sure. The major attraction to visit the town was the Madaba Mosaic- the most famous of which is the Madaba Map. It is housed in the Greek Orthodox Church of the town.

So, for this Lazy Sunday (which is not really lazy as I would be traveling back from Pragpur, Himachal Pradesh) I bring you a fruit stall from Madaba, Jordan. Now don’t they look fresh?

This photo happened because of shopping. No, we were not shopping for fruits. We were interested in shopping, proper. Someone wanted a sim card, others looking for souvenirs. Some do what they like best, window shopping. All of us were interested in the Dead Sea mud based cosmetic products as they make for a great souvenir. The other very popular souvenir from Madaba are the mosaic fridge magnets. As they are mosaic pieces on the wood, the magnet comes of often!

Fruit Stall, Madaba, Jordan
Fruit Stall, Madaba, Jordan

While we were walking on the road we also witnessed a wedding procession, Jordan style. There was a convoy of cars with people honking and hanging out of the windows. It caused a small commotion in our group as otherwise the people of Jordan do not honk. Our guide reassured us that it was alright, this was just a wedding procession!

But going back to shopping, one by one most of the members of my group disappeared in the nearby shops. As I completed my shopping quickly, I was hanging out on the pavements. And that is when I saw this fruit stall. It was arranged so well and the owner was not near it. I could click it without any hesitation. This one was clicked with my Lumia 1020.

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  1. Mangoes, plums and blackberries? Am I correct? Did you taste them? Of course, we get them all here, but, tasting the fruits in their locality is something different, isn’t it?


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