Kashmiri Men

I have said this often, I am not too keen on street photography. I am quite scared of clicking people. And yet I am fascinated by it too. On this trip to Kashmir, I met fellow blogger Siddhartha Joshi. We went on a small walk by the Dal Lake in Srinagar. The guy knows no fear while photographing people! Some of his enthusiasm rubbed off on me too, and I present to you in this post Kashmiri Men, no less!

Not only Siddharta photographs people, he talks to them as well, showing them the images. I am not sure if I will try this again unless I have intrepid company like Siddhartha’s but I am tempted. After all, street photography is so rewarding only if I could muster up the courage!

Engrossed in his Own Thoughts!

I will admit once again, I chickened out and used a 75-300 mm zoom to take these pictures, no way I was going to step closer to click people. Standing by a shikara was this Kashmiri man, quite engrossed in his own thoughts. He never gave any acknowledgements even if he figured out that I was taking his pictures. I like such men, why make a fuss if someone is clicking your picture? And why make a fuss when she is already so scared!

He Knew What I Was Up To!

He was talking normally on his phone when he spotted me executing my antics. He was really nice about it, he started laughing and never gave any signs that he would shoo me off! Now I need to remember such incidents the next time when I am hesitating to click people pictures! I liked the way he kept a tea pot with him, after all he had to go through a long day!

Waiting with Infinite Patience

This man was waiting patiently for something/someone with his shopping by his side. He too probably did not figure out I was clicking him or else like the person in the first picture decided to ignore it completely. I moved on after a while, I hope his wait was a short one.

Tea Stall Owner by the Dal Lake
Tea Stall Owner by the Dal Lake

After walking for a while Siddhartha and I stopped at his tea stall to have a cup of tea. He asked us how much sugar we wanted in our tea and expected our answer ‘kaam chini’ or less sugar. I asked him if I could click his picture and he readily agreed. As you can see he was not camera conscious!

Good Looking Kashmiri Man
Good Looking Kashmiri Man

We spotted him sitting with a group of men by the lake. After clicking the pictures, Siddhartha went to him and said, see how handsome you look, quite like Hrithik Roshan! I also told him, ‘darte darte meine bhi eak kincha hai’ (even though I was scared I too clicked a picture of yours!). He smiled at me too.

Not Asleep
Not Asleep!

But the best was a man sleeping in his shikara, I stood quite confidently and started clicking. As I was about to press the button he made a V sign! We both had a good laugh at it! I didn’t click him any more.

So, thank you Siddhartha for talking me along on this walk and for the tea. It was fun actually and I think I should muster up all my courage and try it more!

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    • Thank you Avinash, yes however incomplete the story maybe, they do eem to be telling a story!

    • Me too, it was because of the excellent company that I had I could do this!

  1. Hoping and expect something new , amazing , unique, brilliant from your camera

  2. Hats off to you Mridula. I’m reblogging this on my divorced doodling blog. These hunks will cheer up a lot of my women readers 🙂

    • Rajlakshmi I have taken pictures before as well but it was easier as I had a fellow blogger with me!

  3. some handsome kashmiri men ..

    you doing punjabi men sometime .. i would like to volunteer ha ha haha although i hope you insure your camera 🙂


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