Trees at Gurgaon Railway Station

There is not much to write about Gurgaon Railway Station. It is a small, nondescript place with just two platforms. To enter the station one has to jostle with the autos and rickshaws. The ticket counter and the adjoining waiting area always look dusty. The people sitting in the waiting area have a patient look about them.

I use it because all Rajasthan bound trains have a two minutes halt at Gurgaon. This means we don’t have to go to Delhi to catch the train or to get down. It is a substantial saving on the taxi fare as well as time. I have also seem Ahmadabad Rajdhani Express making a halt at Gurgaon, which makes me believe that Gujarat bound trains also stop here. The Ajmer Shatabdi goes from platform no.1 and comes back at platform no. 2. I am usually there to catch this train. Of course local trains ply on this route too.

Amaltas in Full Bloom, Gurgaon Railway Station

This time when I was catching the Ajmer Shatabdi on a hot summer morning in May, I noticed the Amaltas in full bloom at the Gurgaon Railway Station. It added a dash of color to an otherwise bleak scenario. There is not a bit of color otherwise to be seen.

Banyan Tree, Gurgaon Railway Station
Banyan Tree, Gurgaon Railway Station

And while I was noticing flowers, I saw the huge banyan tree on platform two for the first time, even though I have been to Gurgaon Railway Station at least a dozen of times!

I am wondering if a tree planting drive would make this station a cooler place. I would love to be a part of such a drive but then the mere thought of talking to government authorities gives me shivers. I have seen railway stations like Barog which have lovely flowers and a few trees right at the station. Gurgaon could go the same way, but I have no clue how to initiate such a dialogue.


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  1. Citizen activism is yet to take off in Gurgaon..most people are happy in their power backed gated islands…. I hope Raahgiri movement in Gurgaon spreads to other positive things ….

    The Cassia in yellow bloom is beautiful…

  2. Amaltas certainly lights up ones day by its bright yellow flowers. What to say of Banyan tree. It gives shade and shelter to so many. I am glad our enthusisatic railway department has not chopped down the trees.

    1. Abhijit there are many railway stations that have beautiful trees. Maybe it is time to document it in photographs!

  3. I was surprised to find mention of this place which otherwise seems placed somewhere else in time. I sometime compare the Railway road to a wormhole, just use it to pass into another time from the hustle and bustle of Gurgaon sitting across NH-8.

    Amaltas looks beautiful. By the way I came here through Indiamike. I was looking for some info on Jalori Pass.

    Janardan Barthwal

    1. Thank you Janardan for your comment. I know the place is shabby but it saves considerable time if I take a train from here! πŸ˜€

  4. You notice the tiniest things in the most mundane places and make them look beautiful.. and make us feel “Why did I never notice that??” πŸ™‚

  5. Nice contrast of the yellow on the blue coloured trains. Tree planting will indeed make the place cooler. Due to the unplanned concretisation of Gurgaon, the green areas have virtually vanished. Planting more of trees all around the buildings will bring in the much needed shade and lower the temperatures. Ground water replenishment would be better in places where the ground is not concretised.

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