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Pushkar is famous both for the Pushkar Sarovar and the Brahma Temple. It is also well known for the Pushkar fare but I never got an opportunity to attend it till date. This was my third visit to Pushkar. It is a really special place for me because Chhavi and I have visited it together earlier. This time I was the guest of Pratap Palace in Ajmer. Pushkar and Ajmer close to each other. Once again no cameras are allowed within the Brahma Temple but cell phones are allowed. So all the pictures clicked in this post are from the Lumia 1020. This post is an attempt to show you Pushkar in pictures.

The Lake and the Temple

Pushkar Lake
Pushkar Lake

The custom says that you need to visit the lake first and then go to the temple. The idea is to wash your hands and feet in the lake, or better still take a dip and then go to the temple. In the evenings it is very pleasant to walk around the lake. The sunset from the lake is spectacular too.

Brahma Temple, Pushkar
Brahma Temple, Pushkar

The Brahma temple at Pushkar is one of the few temples of Lord Brahma in the world. There is an interesting story behind it. It is said that Lord Brahma wanted to do a yagna and he needed his wife, Goddess Saraswati to perform the ritual. She took a lot of time in getting ready and the auspices time for the pooja was getting over. So Lord Brahma married Gayatri to complete the poja. When Goddess Saraswati came down and saw another woman sitting behind Lord Brahma she cursed him saying no one would worship him anywhere except at Pushkar. And hence there are hardly any temples devoted to Lord Brahma across the world.

Brahma Temple, Pushkar
A Mural depicting the Brahma Story

The mural if you notice depicts the same story. Photography is frowned upon within the temple premises. There are notices saying no photography but it is tolerated at the peripheries.

People Walking to the Brahma Temple, Pushkar
People Walking to the Brahma Temple, Pushkar

To go to the temple you have to go barefoot and you cannot carry anything else but your cell phone. Not sure if you can carry a wallet or not but ladies handbags are not allowed. There are stairs that lead to the temple. I have seen no accessible route.

Prayer Flowers
Flowers for Offering, Pushkar

The flowers are meant as an offering to the Lord Brahma. They give such a colorful look to the place.

The City

The Lady in Yellow

Pushkar is a small city where you can walk easily around the temple and the lake area. What catches the eye are the colors. If you look at the lane, the lady in yellow lends such striking colors to it.

Rajasthani Turbans
Rajasthani Turbans

Then the Rajasthani Pagdis (turbans) for sale are colorful as well. When Chhavi and I were here I took her picture wearing one. Shopkeepers ask for a small amount of money to lend you the pagdis.

Not the Taj Mahal Palace
Not the Taj Mahal Palace

While walking to the sarovar (which means lake in Hindi) I saw not the Taj Mahal Palace with shutters and all! I wonder what the real taj Group would think of this?

Pushkar City
Pushkar City

Quite close to the temple I saw this gathering under a banyan tree. One day I guess I wish to go there and sit with them! I wonder what conversations would follow? Even after so many visits to both Pushkar and Ajmer, I guess I will happily go back again!


12 thoughts on “Pushkar in Pictures”

  1. Pushkar looks like a very normal Indian city. I think it’s famous for its festivals. The first pic looks fascinating. You have manged to churn out great pics even with your phone. 🙂

  2. I visited this city with my friends and we were so tired that the just managed to click few pictures in front of the temple only. You have captured the place beautifully. Just made me remember my visit. 🙂 😀

  3. That is a lovely post and great pictures. I particularly enjoyed the story…I did not know that. 🙂

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