Pope Francis’s Visit to Jordan

By Mridula Dwivedi May 25, 2014 18 Comments , ,

For the past few days I have been in Jordan. It was a privilege to see Pope Francis at Jordan. The invitation was to cover the Pope’s mass at the Amman Stadium on May 24. I was not sure at all what I would be able to click. But I really got lucky. So for this lazy Sunday I present two pictures from the pope’s mass at the Amman Stadium Jordan. There was much more to the trip but more when I reach home on Monday.

Pope Francis at Amman Stadium, Jordan
Pope Francis at Amman Stadium, Jordan

This picture was clicked when the pope just entered the stadium in an open vehicle. The vehicle was moving fast. The entire area was packed with people. I was standing on a chair, with my puny 75-300 extended to its maximum. My hands never shook when I captured a tiger at a close range but they did shake badly while I was clicking these pictures. It was a very intense experience.

I experienced for the first time what it must mean for photographer to capture a major event. The volunteers at the venue had a tough job, everyone wanted a good picture of the pope. Also almost everyone including the volunteers wanted a frame where they were included along the pope.

At Amman Stadium, Peer Hard to See the Pope
At Amman Stadium, Peer Hard to See the Pope

If you peer very hard at the mike in the distance you will see the pope too! It was fun queuing along with other media to take the pictures. I really had a gala time. It shows I am a rookie but it is such a thrill to put my copy right on the pictures of Pope Francis I clicked.

I didn’t even remember to take lunch, but I am for sure going to remember this day of Pope Francis at Jordan for for a very long time.


18 thoughts on “Pope Francis’s Visit to Jordan”

  1. It’s indeed a rare opportunity to capture a great world personality. You must be so thrilled to get such a nice click of the Pope. Tell us more about the papal address Mridula, if you please!

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