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By Mridula Dwivedi May 12, 2014 23 Comments

I started tweeting about a month back on Mondays about where would I rather like to be! So today after a particularly … whatever day I decided why not, this can spill over occasionally to the blog too. So this Monday these were the five places that look particularly appealing.

Chhavi at the Ghat of Pushkar Lake
Chhavi at the Ghat of Pushkar Lake #canon550D

Pushkar: The nostalgia for Pushkar is obvious. It was a lovely mother and daughter trip! It is close to Delhi and it felt safe to us. We did fight, but this Monday I would rather be with Chhavi at Pushkar. On another note my daughter now has a passport! It is time to plan a trip abroad with my niece and her. I call them double trouble. About time that we went on a double trouble trip!

Helsinki, Finland
I Saw so Little of Helsinki #lumia1020

Helsinki: While I am daydreaming why not Helsinki! It was such a walking friendly place and I saw so little of it. Whatever I saw I liked it. I have a fascination for witnessing those long nights when the sun doesn’t go down.

Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand #canon550D

Thailand: I could happily go to Thailand again anytime. When I was thinking why tropical fruits was the first reason! Then I also remembered all those beaches that I have not explored.

Udaipur, Rajasthan
Sunset at Udaipur #canon550D

Udaipur: It is the sunset at the Monsoon Palace, Udaipur that stands out most in my mind. It is only for another view of the city from the palace I would visit Udaipur again! This Monday …

Hail Himalayas
The Star Studded Night at Hail Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh #canon550D

The Mountains: But more than anything else I yearn for the mountains! I want to try my hand at photographing such a star studded night again. I clicked this at the campsite of the Hail Himalayas. The only place I can remember having more stars is Leh.

So this Monday I would rather be at any of these places … And I didn’t mention Maldives and South Africa because I don’t miss them only on Mondays, I miss them everyday!

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23 thoughts on “This Monday …”

  1. that’s a lovely picture of your daughter. have fun!!! 🙂 am sure you will make it to every one of these places… 🙂

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