I Love my Nokia Lumia 1020

By Mridula Dwivedi May 7, 2014 22 Comments ,

When I visited Finland with Nokia not only I managed to see a new country I got a new phone too. The company gave me a Lumia 1020. I have now used it for more than a month and I really love it. To begin with it is a 41 megapixel camera. Even my DSLR does not has so many, but then it is not only megapixels that count.

I am one of those who have resisted a smartphone since ages. I was using a Nokia X7 before this phone. That too was my husband’s phone. One day he declared that he might give it away to someone and I told him that someone was standing right in front of him. To me the price of the smartphone has been a major deterrent.  I always thought that in the same price I could buy another entry level DSLR or a decent lens. As I got it from Nokia, price was taken out of the equation for this Lumia 1020. My joy is not so much about technical things as I am not a very technical person but the way this phone interacts with my photography.

Peeling Colors
Peeling Colors, Maafushi, Maldives

Rich Colors: There were two old boats at the ‘local’ side of the beach at Maafushi. They were a treasure trove for such pictures. And guess what? My Lumia 1020 captures stunning colors with such ease every time in almost any light. I am quite sold on it for this reason alone.

Inside the Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan
Inside the Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

 When You Don’t Have Time to Change Lenses: More often than not this happens to me inside a jungle. I will have the zoom stuck firmly to my camera. The safari vehicle will make a fleeting halt at some point where I am dying to take a landscape picture. However, there is simply no time to change the lens as it is a 20 second stop! I don’t have to let go of such moments anymore. Lumia 1020 takes decent landscape shots. I love my wide angel lens and on a planned shoot I will certainly use that. But I am so happy that I now have a faithful standby for all those landscapes I wanted to click but never could because of the lens changing business.

In a Souvenir Shop, Kittila, Finland
In a Souvenir Shop, Kittila, Finland

 When You Chance Upon Something: As much as I like to carry my DSLR everywhere there are times when it gets left behind, like at this souvenir shop at Kittla Airport in Finland. Now I do not leave my cell phone behind. It is in my pocket, in my purse, hand, somewhere close. So, it does make sense to have a good camera in it. I feel really lucky that I virtually got a gift of Lumia 1020!

Up Close with a Camel

Trying a Different Angel: I raised my hands up as far as I could to get this shot of the camel. Sure I can do the same with my DSLR but getting the focus right with one hand seems tougher. I am having fun with the phone using it at all improbable angels!

When Dusk Came

Packed for the Day, No problem: At the end of the day I just force myself to pack my camera and tripod, which I might be using for such evening shots. Once everything is inside the shoulder bag, I invariably feel that there is one more shot I need to take. Usually an impatient person with no interest in photography is waiting for me to finish. In such a scenario there is no question of unpacking gear! Once again having a nice cell phone camera comes in handy. The ugly stares directed at me for using cell phone are much more bearable than when I try to unpack!

Now the real test of my love for a good cell phone camera will come to test when this Lumia 1020 (I hope after a decade of use) will need replacement. I wonder if I will spend pots of money for a smartphone or I would simply go for a point and shoot camera. But then who can predict what will future bring! In the meanwhile I am going to enjoy my Lumia 1020.


22 thoughts on “I Love my Nokia Lumia 1020”

  1. considering the only photos i take and have taken are from my phone…a samsung note II and whatever phone before that…i love them all 🙂 lovely pictures…love the camel.

  2. Great pics. Amazing features, Mridula.
    smartphone is best for photography.
    Hope the battery backup is good. I am using my dad’s Nokia Lumia 620 & it needs constant charging in a day as battery drains out within a few hours!

  3. I am a great fan of cell phone photography, even though I carry a DSLR, still I click a lot of pictures from my cell phone and use them on blog. These pics from Nokia are superb…

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