Lazy Sunday Photo- Gulmohar Flowers

By Mridula on May 11, 2014
in Cell phone photography, flowers, Lumia 1020

Summer is here. I actually like summers. There I said it. More than anything else because of the summer vacations, earlier as a student and now as a teacher. My college doesn’t close for the staff during the summer but it is easier for me to take vacations when there are no classes to adjust.

Gulmohar Flowers

Gulmohar Flowers

So the summer is here, so are the gulmohar flowers! Did I hear someone say power cuts too?

12 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Photo- Gulmohar Flowers

  1. Puru

    Oh ! So beautiful ! Perfect focus and depth of field, and that white-yellow petal .. were the flowers at the back crumpled ? It has a much deeper meaning then .. while past vanishes .. the present is fresh and beautiful:)

  2. Antonina

    I love these flowers, thanks for sharing! I took quite a lot of pictures last year, and now you’ve reminded me that it’s time to get out of the house with a camera again :) Yes, I prefer to spend summer in India indoors – it’s just too hot.

  3. Avinash

    Gul Mohar flowers always remind me of the childhood neighborhood tree which showered our gully with loads of flowers, beautiful click

  4. Shaivi

    Beautiful! I love gulmohar flowers…I guess the relationship was built when I used to read the mention of gulmoher in my school textbook stories. They make us feel so bright and refreshing on a sultry summer day!


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