City Palace, Udaipur

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City Palace, Udaipur is a beautiful place, only I had just enough time to run through it. The thing that amazed me was the camera fee of 200 Indian rupees. I know the SLR toting (myself included) crowd may not mind it. But 200 rupees even if you wanted to use a cell phone camera did feel steep. This is the highest amount for a camera fee that I have encountered. For me the entry and the camera fee was taken care by The Rajputana who invited me to Udaipur.

The construction palace was started by the Maharana Udai Singh and many other kings over the years. I actually attended a session by Maharaja Arvind Singh of Udaipur where he mentioned that the Lake Palace used to be his summer home! ! But without much ado and detours let me present a photo feature of the City Palace, Udaipur, which is what I wanted to do from the beginning.

 Entrance City Palace, Udaipur
The Entrance to City Palace, Udaipur

As far as I could figure out the tour could be done only in one way, which is a good thing for me, I don’t need much to get lost. But as I said I did a hurried trip and I could actually be wrong. I just kept following the signs and I got out of the place safe and sound. The stairs were the entry point for me into the palace.

Sheesh Mahal, City Palace, Udaipur
Sheesh Mahal, City Palace, Udaipur

To me the Sheesh Mahal was the grandest room of them all. I wonder what was it used for originally? Was it used for meetings and gatherings on special occasions, I wonder. There was an audio guide available, I paused around it but I knew I simply didn’t have time to do any justice to it if I hired one.

Udaipur City as Seen from City Palace
Udaipur City

There are many spots within the palace which give a fabulous view of the Udaipur city. But then why would I expect any less, after all this a place fit for kings and queens!

Passageways, City Palace, Udaipur
A Colorful Passage, City Palace, Udaipur

I really like the use of colored glass in Rajasthani palaces. Hawa Mahal, Jaipur also has many such nooks and corners. I also feel a lot of such features had practical use as well. I wonder if these glasses were better at keeping the sun out? Now if only they would let me sit down with a book in a corner somewhere along this passage!

 City Palace, Udaipur
A Long Passage, City Palace, Udaipur

Whenever I look at such long passages, me of the 2-3 bedroom drawing dining mentality, end up thinking how my whole home would fit in many times over in this corridor itself!

Rose Tinit Glasses
Tinted View!

I wonder if this is what is meant by wearing rose tint glasses? It, for sure, makes the view much more soothing to look at, even when the sun was harsh! But then what would I know, I hardly ever get to see the world through rose tint glasses, or do I actually get to do so sometimes?

A Palki Fit for Kings and Queens

The security personnel encouraged me to visit this section of the palace, as I was rushing out. You see, even by mistake I would not like to be left inside this vast palace. I am sure the resident ghosts must be coming out after the closing time to conduct their daily affairs! But I am glad I heeded to the advice as the section had a lot of silverware and beauties like this palki. However, after that I had only one thought, and it was to get out before the doors closed!

Ganesha Painting
Ganesha Painting at the City Palace, Udaipur

I paused again only when I was safely in the outer courtyard where vivid paintings graced the walls. I know this is not how a history blog post should be written. But this is how I felt about the place and it is the only way I know to write!


28 thoughts on “City Palace, Udaipur”

  1. Lucky you! But I think City Palace interiors don’t look that great. It looks beautiful from outside settled peacefully on Lake Pichola. I think it’s high price is just too much of hype for nothing.

    1. Renuka, I just ran through the place but I admit I was really surprised by the camera fee. Not that it personally mattered to me but it just felt high.

    1. Oh so they don’t allow cameras in Mysore Palace! For me it is always difficult yo enjoy the places that don’t allow photography.

  2. You are lucky to have found the corridors with less number of living heads, when i visited people going for Ram Devra mela in Jaisalmer gave me company and ruined my all shots

  3. Awesome pics and an even beautiful city.
    I would like to visit Udaipur once. Its long pending on my list of places to visit.
    Thanks for the post Mridula.

  4. I have been to udaipur and as you say its beautiful , but it was a long time back and seeing the pics I want ot do it all over again ..



  5. I see and travel the world through your blog…its lovely 🙂 Lovely pictures…and the place is so beautifully maintained. and that corridor…like you said. totally beckons one to sit and read 🙂

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