The Rajputana, Udaipur

By Mridula Dwivedi April 14, 2014 14 Comments , ,

After staying in a villa in Finland I thought I would not get impressed with anything else easily. But I was wrong, I really like The Rajputana at Udaipur. Β The first thing that caught my eye was the colors. There is something about Rajasthani colors, as bright as they are, they still don’t hurt the eyes. I mean the dustbin in the room was in shades of orange and green and yet the overall effect was so pleasant and cheerful! I liked my room at the first sight.

My Room at the Rajputana, Udaipur
My Room at the Rajputana, Udaipur #Lumia1020

The bed was comfortable, the air conditioning good and there were plenty of spaces to sit and lounge around. There was a fruit plate and cookies in the room as well. I cannot live without tea and they had it in the room too.

The hotel is not close to the lakes, it is in a quieter part of the city. For me, it did not make much of a difference. The hotel has its own spaces where you can lounge around. It also offers tented accommodations, which are luxury tents.

Swimming Pool, The Rajputana, Rajasthan
Swimming Pool, The Rajputana, Rajasthan #Canon550D

All my school and college years I had access to a swimming pool and I always took it for granted. Then I started working and I now have no access to a swimming pool. So now I realize its value. It was a pity that I could not find time to use the pool at The Rajputana, the reflection of the spa in it looked gorgeous.

I had all my meals at the hotel restaurant and I would complement them for their Ker Sangri, the traditional Rajasthani dish, I really liked it. The food in general was good, the broccoli almond soup specially good.

The Rajputana, Udaipur at Night
The Rajputana, Udaipur at Night #Lumia1020

The staff was courteous with me all the times. The only issue they had when I was there was the internet and they were aware of it. The net connection was incredibly slow which is difficult to figure out as the place is in a city. I am sure they must be working at it.

Finally, here is a video of the room, to give you a better idea of the Rajputana, Udaipur.


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  1. I spent about a month in Rajasthan and never was lucky enough to have a pool. Luckily, in Goa my villa has one that my dog and I take full advantage of (to the dismay of the security guards, even though I clean it!) But I really want to take my boyfriend with me back to Raj, especially Udaipur. While I always like traveling very low budget 500 rs a night or so, he’s more into 5 star hotels. I think you’re reviews are in the middle, while some are higher class, perfect for him! Def bookmarking these reviews πŸ™‚

  2. I have been to Udaipur and I think its perhaps one of my favourite cities in India. Almost all places serve mer Sangri, but most of them kind of make it too oily. I hope the food here is better.

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