A Visit to Nokia House, Helsinki

After -22 degree Celsius of Levi, Lapland, -2 of Helsinki felt comfortable. After arrival at the Helsinki Airport (with free wifi) the first thing we went in search for was food. All 4 of us were hungry. Between us there was a lot of luggage so I offered to guard it while others promised to get me some vegetarian stuff. It didn’t take them long to come back. Soon we boarded a taxi to go on a visit to the Nokia House Helsinki. I was in Finland attending the #lumiainlapland event.

The Reception at the Nokia House, Helsinki

The Reception at the Nokia House, Helsinki #Lumia1020

We registered our names at the reception but it was the lake beyond the reception that caught my eye. Imagine having a lake at the back of your office! I was told that in summer the office cafe puts out a few tables near the lake as well! I am sure they would be occupied almost all the time.

Lake by the Nokia House, Helsinki, Finland

Lake by the Nokia House, Helsinki #lumia1020

I was wondering what it would be like to get out of a team meeting and then go walk by a lake! or if you were not too thrilled about something at work, go walk by the lake till you clam down. I could build endless such scenarios but then I wonder if you get used to having a lake by your office in the end?

A Cafe at Nokia House, Helsinki

A Cafe at Nokia House, Helsinki #lumia1020

We were at the Nokia House Helsinki on a Friday evening and the cafe didn’t had too many people. But I could visualize it busy and bustling at certain times of the day! The place is huge with am ATM within the office! I am told in Finland most of the transactions are done via the card but the ATM is for those exceptional days when you needed cash due to some weird reason!

The Designers at Nokia

The Designers at Nokia #Lumia1020

I had a great time interacting with Joeske Schellen (on the left), Head of Colors and Material Design and Jonne Harju, Senior Design Manager, Smart Devices. When they told me about the thought process that went into making a phone it was only then I appreciated how much hard work goes into making something I completely take for granted!

I asked them where do they think the next generation of cell phones are headed and Jonne said that probably they will become wearable! But he added that people might feel too bogged down with the numerous features they get and may go for something simpler.  Joeske talked about the bright colors used in the Lumia series and how it sets it apart from others immediately.

First Nokia Mobile Phone

With the First Nokia Mobile Phone #lumia1020

We went around the impressive store where I managed to get my hands on the first Nokia mobile phone- the Mobira Talkman. I am only pretending to make a call. How small my Lumia 1020 looks next to it! After a beautiful evening at the Nokia House Helsinki we finally said bye to our hosts, it was time to hit the city center of Helsinki.

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  1. I love how so many of us who travel are still managing to stay vegetarian… cause its really, really hard to find vegetarian food in most places. 🙂 Sorry couldn’t help but comment on that part! Nice post.

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