Maldives- A Slice of Paradise

By Mridula Dwivedi April 18, 2014 41 Comments , ,

For quite a few Fridays it is going to be Maldives, a slice of the paradise! I start with this picture of the local beach at Maafushi. The black dots you see in the distance are local women in their hijab taking a dip in the sea. After all this island is their home. I was asking a local boy if they found the presence of the tourists troublesome. He said on the contrary the locals were quite welcoming to the tourist, which was my impression too.

Gorgeous Evening Sky at Maafushi, Maldives
Gorgeous Evening Sky at Maafushi, Maldives

On the shore were two abandoned ships, part of which I caught in this picture. This side of the beach at Maafushi doesn’t see too many tourists, it is more of a favorite with the locals. The sunset was also on the other side of the island but this stretch too was a lovely place to walk in the evening.

It has been just about a week since we came back and yet every night I literally dream that I am in Maldives. I have to tell myself before falling asleep that I am sleeping at home and yet the dreams come every night without fail. Not all dreams are pleasant though. I sometimes dream that I am diving and that the pressure on my ear is getting unbearable, but before it really becomes too much, I thankfully wake up.

Fihalhohi Island Resort, Maldives
Fihalhohi Island Resort, Maldives

I have so many beautiful pictures from Maldives that I am really spoiled for choice. I mean look at the shades of blue at the Fihalhohi Island Resort! I remember people saying they were spending two weeks in Maldives. Next time even I am going to stay for longer, for I am sure here is going to be a next time for me in Maldives. I am completely smitten by the slice of paradise.

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41 thoughts on “Maldives- A Slice of Paradise”

  1. I have no words to express the beauty of photos and that place. Amazing and Wonderful 🙂 eagerly waiting for more photos from Maldives. 🙂

  2. I love the colour of the shallows. Yes, your photos really show what a magical place it is. My husband was there once on the way home from Europe, unfortunately I did not get the chance. I do hope you can go there again.

  3. They are some beautiful photo of Maldives, it really looks like a great place to visit. Great story also to go with the photos. Thanks I enjoyed reading it.

  4. Hi Mridula,

    Are you in Maldives right now?
    Just curious to meet you, if you are some where around this place.
    -Manish R. Varma,
    Male’ City, Maldives

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